Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Alright! So since I leave in 2 weeks I figured I should probably start my blog.... Only been meaning to do that for a while! My farewell was a success I had so many great family and friends come to it and I felt absolutely loved! My family has an awesome support system while I am gone which makes me happy!!!! :D Okay, so there have been a few things that have kind of screwed up the perfect scenario in my mind of just heading down to the MTC on the 10th without a problem.... these are

1. I am no longer going to the Provo MTC, but I will be leaving to the Chile MTC in less than two weeks. I am okay with it, but kind of scared because I will just be thrown into Spanish. I'm gonna be really awkward for a while. they have no idea that this white girl is coming to flip their world upside down :) The worst part about this is I just found out yesterday. Mom is panicking now!

2. I have to have a surgery on my mouth now... the same tooth that I have had not only one but two root canals on. :/ If you don't know i absolutely HATE dentists. I will be getting to the MTC on time though so that is good :)

I know that things are just getting a little harder as I approach the time I leave because that is just what happens! These things won't get in my way so I'm just excited to go :)

I'm done buying missionary stuff!!!!! Mom is so awesome and has spent way too much money on me! I  don't even know if Dad has any idea where all his paychecks have been going :) I think I'm going to miss shopping all the time!!! I love shopping...especially for clothes! That won't be happening much any more so I'm glad I got my little shopping fix.

For my family.. I think I can email you, but I will find out from my Mission Pres first. If i can, then I will get your email addresses and give you mine. Then you can hear about all my awkward stories first hand.

Okay... I don't really know how to blog, but I have a feeling it will get better as I go on! Probably more interesting too, but for now just bear with the blah blah blahs of preparing. For any of you that are preparing for a mission feel free to ask questions before I leave and I can try to help you with shopping options, sales, packing, etc.,..

Kay. Peace out. Or adios.. or whatever. (I think that's how adios is spelled.If not I will learn pretty soon!)