Tuesday, October 1, 2013

09.30.13 Picture Update

09.30.13 Shello

Hey Hey Hey,
So this week was filled with lots of ups and downs and bigger ups and bigger downs.. but mostly ups :) 
I got my "hija" on Tuesday. She is from Argentina and her name is Hermana Portillo. At first I couldn't understand a thing that she said because of her accent... cuz people from argentina pronounce "y" and "ll" like shhhhh. So it was like "sho soy Hermana Portisho de Argentiina" Ha Ha. But I am getting more and more used to her accent now. She is really sweet and she is really excited to be here on the mission. The thing that we are having a hard time with is that she is 25 and a little too mature for me. I love to laugh. and I like to talk about things other then church sometimes, but for her EVERYTHING is spiritual. We have LOTS to learn from eachother :) Yep. umm. Remember Berta? The lady that has cancer? Well we were thinking about leaving her because she wasn't progressing but guess what!? She told us she knows the Book of Mormon is true and that this is the true church of Christ. Butt. .she doesn't want to get baptized without her husband so we are working really hard on teaching him (She wants to go to the temple and be sealed to him. sweet huh?) Yeah so that happened. What else? I don't know. I am super tired ha ha and my feet hurt. Asi es la mision. hmm. My Spanish is a lot better now that I have to speak it 24-7 another thing that is really good but at the same time I miss having good long conversations in English :( But I know it is for the better.

I don't know what else to write. I am going to send pictures :) Love you guys mucho mucho mucho!

Choose the right.
Be good children.
read. pray. all that good stuff..
oh and GO TO CHURCH! 

that is all :)

Hermana Sommerfeld

Saturday, September 28, 2013

09.23.13 5 meses y 5 dias de nada

Hola mis amigos y familia!

How goes it back in the U.S of A? This whole week was filled with red white and blue.. and strangely enough stars and stripes as well ha  ha. We celebrated fiestas de patrias, which is like a whole week filled with patriotic parties, asados  (barbecues), dancing cueca, and lots and lots and lotttsss of drinking. For the missionaries in Chile this week is by far the worst week ever in the entire year... We got a quarter of the lessons we usually get and we found zero new people! It doesn't help that our sector is mostly rich people, so they all leave to their other houses by the beach for this holiday :( wah wah. Nevertheless it was a fantastic week because we worked hard to get as much as we could :) 

So remember when last week I told you that Mauricio was going to get baptized? Well we went to his lesson on Wednesday to set a certain date, and he said he would get baptized this Sunday. Seriously we about fell off our chairs. It is crazy that he has been investigating the church for almost 3 years and he had about 3 days from the time he set his date to the time he got baptized.... I will get to the part about his baptism really quickly. Don't you worry. :) 

Tuesday: We walked. a lot. and even more. and more. lessons taught : 0 . Blisters on my feet :2 . Tights worn through to the very thread : 4.

Wednesday: BEST DAY EVER!!! this day was actually the 18th of september, which means it is THE holiday. We got invited by Mauricio to go to his house for a barbecue. We were super excited because we absolutely LOVE his family :) It is super crazy to think that the first like 4 times we went with them we thought that they didn''t like us and it was really awkward becuase no on  talked. Goes to show that we can't judge people before we get to know them. Anyway so their house is literally up a mountain, so we were hiking past the other houses built on the hill and when we just were about to make one more switchback to get to their house we heard a very ominous humming noise. I looked up to see what was making it and we realized we were 2 feet away from a giant swarm of bees. Okay when I say giant. I mean giant, I was scared for my life, and I have never seen my companion run backwards so quickly in her life. We called Mauricio and he said that it was okay just walk past them quickly but don't move our hands. We took about 2 minutes to build up courage and did as told. We were okay. Turns out the guy next door (kind of next door) is a bee keeper, and the queen bee had escaped its box so the  other bees followed her. Just happens that she loved the tree in the Cortes' yard. I got an awesome picture of all the bees settled down in a huge lump and of the bee keeper coming and trying to get the queen bee back. Mauricio suffered from one bee sting. and we said if he was allergic we were going to stop at the church on the way to the hospital to baptize him. It was funny. Also we played with their baby goat. So cute! But it tried to eat my skirt. Goodness, I am realizing how funny my sector is when I start to write you guys. It is awesome that I get to see goats and bees and horses and all kinds of nature.. I never want to leave Pirque! Well. yeah I kind of miss America, but as long as I am on my mission I want to stay here!
most important thing about today. Mauricio accepted a date :)

Thursday: We had a zone conference which was amazing. Elder Zabellos from the seventy came and talked to our zone. There was one parable that I loved that he and his wife told. She cut an apple in half and said "How does this relate to your mission?" There of course were many diligent missionaries that had their own theory, and finally she told us "You can count the seeds in this apple.. but can you count how many apples come from those seeds?" It was a great analogy to the mission. Yeah we can count our baptisms, how many lessons we teach, and how many people we contact, but can we count how many souls we are actually affecting? NO. It was a great lesson to me to not get worried if I am not having "success" because I don't baptize every month ,but as long as I am trying my hardest  I will be able to make a difference here in the mission. It was pretty cool. Also.. I opened up the most amazing package I have ever recieved in my life. Thanks Mom and Dad and ash, bubs and aubs. I seriously was soooooo happy to open up that package! It made my whole week :) 

Friday: divisions. pretty cool. with sis jackson she is awesome. but we had zero lessons.. just lots of good convo about life.

Sat: I can't remember

Sunday: BAPTISM DAY BABAAAYYY!  So Mauricio got baptized today. Best day ever! I seriously cannot explain the joy that I had in my heart to see Mauricio be baptized and to hear a beautiful talk from his wife. Mauricio is a miracle. If you guys could just understand how many missionaries have taught him, and how far away from accepting the gospel he was 4 months ago, you wouldn't believe that he was being baptized. The members were SOO surprised. They didn't believe it. It really goes to show that if we are working sooooooooooooooooooooo hard and praying and fasting and doing all we can.. The lord is going to bless us. . It reminds me of Ammon and Alma in the book of Mormon when they convert the lamanites. It seems impossible, and they endured lots of hardships and pains (a lot more than me of course) But finally the lord blesses them. I think it is in Alma 20 something ha ha. Anyway, When Mauricio was baptized I got this new excitement to try as hard with everyone I talk to as I did with Mauricio. I want to work so much harder! So his wife shared her testimony after we gave a special musical number  "families can be together forever." and there was not a dry eye in the chapel. She thanked us as missionaries and said it is crazy that it just took two hermanas to soften Mauricios heart. But the sweetest part of her testimony is when she started to cry and said that now her family can be together forever. I was crying so much to think of her son in the mission that is going to recieve an email today of a picture of Mauricio being baptized.... I think the Lord has blessed him for being out on a mission. I am so excited for their family and I can't wait to attend their sealing as a family  :) Seriously guys I can't express to you the joy I feel to know that there is a complete family now in the gospel :) I know it is a happiness that I have never felt before. A happiness that only  the gospel can bring.

Ohhh yeah!!! Another bit of info!!! I got a phone call on friday from President Wright, the mission president. it went like this.

Me: Hello President how are you?
Pres: Hey sister sommerfeld I am great. Hermana, are you up for a challenge?
Me: I am always up for a challenge... what is it?
Pres: I want you to train.
Me: of course! (my heart pounding increasingly faster and a lack of confidence in my voice). 
Pres: Awesome, you are going to be great. We have changes on Monday.
Me: It is a latina right?
Pres: would you still say yes if it was a gringa?
Me: Yes, but I would have to pray a lot harder.
Pres: ha ha ha I hope you still pray, but it is a latina.
Me: okay!!!! sounds good!

once off the phone I am thinking ... What the  heck!? I don't know spanish yet! Or how to teach yet! But I am going to train! Crazy.. So I am  getting my new companion tomorrow! Hooray!!!!!! So excited but nervous! I will send pics and let you know how it goes!!! :) At least I will still be in PIrque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you guys like nothing else! You are the best! Remember that God loves you and that you are his children, and that if you serve one another you can feel that special witness :) 

Hugs and Kisses
The church is true
all that good stuff...

Hermana Sommerfeld
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

09.16.13 Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. It is cold again :0

¡Hola po!
Hey everyone! I just want to start this letter off with a huge GRACIAS (for those of you that don't know any spanish whatsoever.. that means thank you :)) You all are amazing and you really keep me going while I am here on my mission! There are days that are super hard and where I think that I can't go any further, but I think of all of you back home and of the support that you give me and I feel 100 times better! I am so blessed to have the  friends and the family that I have and for all of your love.. I couldn't do it without you. Seriously! So I just want to start off with the most important news of this week.


Yep. Now that that is out there, I just want to share the things that I have learned through teaching him.

1. Sometimes it is okay to be a little tough and say things the way they are.
2. Nothing beats praying, fasting, and lots of hard work.
3. We need to accept the Lord's timing.
4. The longer you teach an investigator, the more love you feel for them, and the harder you will try to make sure that they can be with their family forever. (sounds suuuuper cheesy, but it is a truth.)
5. Not everyone here cooks bad.
6.patience. patience. patience. patience. and patience.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to teach Mauricio, and to learn all these things from him! Besides that awesome news this week was pretty good. I mean there were some hard days, but I feel like I am really improving personally.

One other thing I have learned here is "It is better to look up.". I read that talk from October 2011 general conference, and I have kind of taken it to be my inspiration and support when I am feeling down. All of you that know me know that my moods change oh so quickly. That is why I am so grateful to be here on the Lord's mission, to know how to change that about me. I have learned that as long as I am always keeping the situation light and keeping positive thoughts in my mind, and a smile on my face, I feel great! Seriously. Try it. It is awesome. I feel like it is contagious and it is so fun to have that power over people. That when I smile they do to. Power baby :) ha. Well I challenge you guys to read this conference talk and to look for ways to apply it in your life.

It seems like in these days when we have so many forces pushing against us and we have so many tribulations, the only way to get through them is through Christ. I just want to bare my testimony to you guys that I know that the scriptures can help us through any trial. I think the strongest form of comfort I have ever recieved is when I have read a passage in the scriptures and felt the Lord put his arms around me. Sorry that it sounds cheesy or cliche but that is the only way I know how to put it in words. So my advise to you is that if you are feeling depressed, unimportant or insignificant, unhappy, or just plain grumpy.. Pray and read a chapter in the book of Mormon and ponder on it. I promise you that you will feel the spirit testify to you that Christ knows exactly how you feel and that you are not alone :) 

I love you guys so much and I just want to let you know that I know that Christ lives. I know that this is His mission, and that I am here to help my spirit brothers and sisters remember the plan of salvation. I am so grateful to have the wonderful loving family and friends that I do, and I want you to know that I feel stronger because of your prayers. 
You all are amazing! 
Hugs and big Chilean kisses! 

Hermana Sommerfeld
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

09.09.13 Spring!

¡Buenas Dias!
Hello from here in Chile! This week was absolutely beautiful and I was actually warm for the first time! It was a hard week to find people because the holiday week is next week. It is literally a week of parties, barbecues, dancing, etc.., and NO ONE will be home! :( But we have already had a delicious asado(grill)! And I am hoping that next week we will get some good food too! It is the week to be fat! It is a bummer that we won't be able to teach as much, but hopefully we will find opportunities! This week we had a lot of lessons and I think we managed our time a lot better than usual. It is so hard in our sector because of the distance between houses and neighborhoods but we are beginning to master it! We had a lesson with Mauricio and he kind of admitted that he knows the church is true. We just need him to commit! We had to leave Miguel for awhile :( I just pray that some time he will be more prepared. ... I guess that now wasn't his time. My spanish is doing a little bit better.. of course I am not perfect but I feel like I am closer and closer to carrying on a conversation. what else? Our time changed here.. so I am sooo tired because we lost an hour of sleep :( The upside is that it is light until 8 or 830. Umm... que mas? nada. Sorry this letter was pretty boring! Oh yeah some kid tried to kiss me on the lips and I had to fight him away.. He kept asking if I had a husband and finally I said Yes so he would leave me alone. One of the most awkward experiences of my life. I would tell details. but it is on a need to know basis. Um. yep. I feel my testimony growing every day, and I feel really blessed to have the gospel and to be here sharing it. I shared my testimony on Sunday in sacrament, and I was able to do it without a problem in Spanish.. finally!!!!!!!!! ha ha.. now I just need to get better at the rest of the language! I didn't get my package yet Mom, but I should have it tomorrow!!!!!! YAY!!!!! so excited! My companion got a package from her family that was a GIANT box and they sent it two weeks ago..... I was pretty jealous, but she shared her treats with me :) I think she is as excited as me to get my package so she can eat American candy ha ha. Everything else is great here. I have absolutely no complaints! Oh except for now that it is hot, I look like a buffet to mosquitos. My hands alone have 13 bites.. from yesterday. Time to bring out the bug spray! I don't know what it is about my blood that they like! I guess it is sweet... just like me! ;) just kidding. um. yep. sorry but that is it for this week! giant hugs and kisses! I will send some pictures next week! Oh yeah. next week my Pday is on Tuesday, so don't expect me on Monday ;) Love you alllllllll :) hugs, kisses, xo,xo xoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox hugs kisses. 
Hermana Hai
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

09.02.13 I made it through August!

Hey everyone!
So these last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy! Here in Chile they have parties the beginning of September for the old people that lived through August. Because August is the month where the most people die from being sick! I am happy to say I made it through August! Barely. Last week was kind of adventerous... I found out that I am allergic to Chile.. Which is why I have been sick with bronchitis the whole 4 months I have been here. This last Monday I went to the Doctors because I was coughing lots and lots and I couldn't breathe. Then he sent me to the emergency room place here and we were there 7 hours. Worst P day ever! But thankfully I got medicine to help me breathe.. seeing breathing is kind of important and all ;) Also I had to rest Tuesday and Wednesday except for studying and appointments so I got some sleep in! This week was really hard with our investigators. Miguel doesn't want to be baptized any more, and we are working with him with his doubts. When he told us that he wasn't sure anymore it was the hardest thing ever. It felt like my stomach dropped to the floor. It is crazy how Satan works with people and puts so many doubts into their minds. He told us it is because he isn't sure that he will be able to follow through with his side of a covenant because he hates going to church :( It makes me so sad! We are praying and fasting so hard for him! Mauricio is this close to having a baptismal date... and his son wrote from his mission and told him not to wait, but to prepare for them to get sealed in the temple. We were praying for a letterl like that from his son, and It was amazing that he sent one :) Best day ever :) Here it is really rainy, but it is supposed to warm up really nicely! woo hoo! everyone is getting ready for 18 de Septiembre.. and I am so excited to see them dance the cueka and to try new foods :) I am going to try on the traditional dress and send a pic to you:) My spanish is still aweful, but it is getting semi better! Lets see what else.. Oh yeah!!! We are finally getting floor in our house!!! woohooo! It is a good thing too because now that it is warmer there are more and more bigs in there.. and i don't think I could handle seeing another spider on the floor or wall! It is getting warmer here and things are starting to be green again! I am so blessed to be in this beautiful part of Chile :) We have changes in 3 weeks again.. Insane how fast these weeks go by!  But I am pretty sure my companion is going to go open another sector so I will still be in Pirque. Um.. Not sure what else to write.. because this week was unproductive to say the least. but now that I can breathe I am sure this next week will be so much better! I love you guys tons and tons! Hugs and big huge kisses! 

Hermana Sommerfeld 
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

08.19.13 Spring is in the air!

Hope everything is great back in gringo landia! This week has been beautiful! It is finally starting to warm up! It is wierd because usually around the time that it is my birthday, things are just starting too cool down a bit! It will be weird to have a b-day in the winter-spring! Everything this week has been going pretty well! I was sick.... again..... Seems like I never have gotten over this darn cough thing. But we all went to the doctor last friday, because we all have like a rash on our arms.. mine isn't that bad, but the other sisters' arms are. The doctor gave us medicines to see if it helps and also said we get to get new matresses! Yay! Also, he told me that I am probably allergic to Chile, so I get to take allergy medicine my whole entire mission. Woop Woop. But at least it should help! I just hope it is that, and not the fact that I just have lousy immune system. The work really is progressing more here, and it has been so cool to see how the Lord really has prepared people for us to hear the gospel! Miguel is getting baptized September 8th. He was supposed to get baptized this next Sunday, but he was really sick so he couldn't come to church last week, and the next week is stake conference. We are so excited for him! It has been really cool to see the change in the way that he acts and he even said he has a suit he will wear to church! It is cute because he is worried about people seeing the tattoos he has, but we keep explaining to him every time we see him that it is okay! It is really fun to see someone become converted to the gospel and to gain a testimony of the truth. The last lesson that we were at he told his mom, "I am not joining this church because it is just some good church, I am joining because I know that it is the true church." I wanted to cry when he said that, because it is like watching someone grow in their testimony and their love for the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be able to see his conversion :) His mom and dad are a little bit of a different story, but we are working really hard to help them too. OH yeah! also Miguel said he wants to serve a mission! SO COOL to hear that from someone who just started listening to the message, but already has a desire to share it with others! AWESOME. What else? OH yeah we found a new investigator in a really unique way! 
We have been praying so hard for miracles in our sector and for the chance to be able to find more people. This thursday was a holiday, and we were not finding anyone! We were walking down a really long road past a line of cars coming back from the mountains, and the people in one car waved us over. They said "I am Alejandro, this is carmen. We are mormons and live in Huingan number 5." Then they drove off. We were like, okay! MAybe they just moved in, so lets go visit them tomorrow. So we went the next day and we took forever to find the house, because the numbers on this street are insane. Seriously it will be like 2546 then 890 then 10 then 3468... There is no order! But we eventually found the house, and we asked the lady in the yard if Carmen or Alejandro was home. She went and got Carmen. BUt as "Carmen" was walking up to the gate, we realized that it wasn't the same Carmen we had met! She was confused too, but eventually she said are you mormons!? We said yep. and she started laughing really hard. We told her that we had gotten her address from some guy and lady in a car, and she said that that was their friend who is a member of the church and he had been joking about getting missionaries to their house. She invited us in and we got to meet her family too. She asked sooooo many questions and was super interested in learning more about the church. Her friend wouldn't answer very many questions, and said she just needs to talk to the missionaries. She said her Mormon friend is a super great guy and that she could tell he had something different about him. I am really grateful for his example! So we taught the lesson, and she expressed her doubts and her feelings about religion and how she really wants to know what the purpose in life is. She said she prays every day for answers,but she hasn't been able to find them. We introduced her to the book of mormon, and next lesson we are going to teach the plan of salvation :) She was really excited to have us in our house, and she kept asking so many questions! The great thing is that we had an answer for every single one. I am so grateful that we have this truth and this gospel to help us answer all the questions about this life. I am excited to go back and teach her this week! Anything else exciting? Don't think so.. everything else is the same old same old! Walk.. teach...walk.walk.walk.walk.walk.bus.walk teach... But it is the good life :) I love you guys and I am so grateful for your help in the mission work too :) BTW there is a great talk that would be good for everyone to read. It is called "Preach my gospel-the unifying tool between members and missionaries" by Elder Erich W Kopischke... in the october 2007 Liahona. It is a great talk that explains how members can use preach my gospel as well to help them become even better member missionaries. I challenge you guys to read it and to incorporate PMG into everyday family scripture study! There are so many tools in there that help us to find people and help us to share the gospel in the best way :) I love you all and I want you to know how much I miss you! I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to know all the things that we are able to know! Hugs and Kisses!

Hermana Sommerfeld
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

08.12.13 yaaaaaaa Po

Hey everyone!

This week was a really really busy week, but it was awesome! 

we had intercambios, because my companion is the zone leader for sisters. She went to a place called Soterro Del Rio, and Hermana Nava came to our sector. It was interesting to teach with someone new, but it was alright. We had a rocky time with some of our lessons, because of diffrences in teaching style, but we figured it out!

I got my companion back :) thank goodness! I missed having my "mama" around to help me out, and translate some words for me! We went to a less active members house, named Indira, the one with adorable little girls! She is part native chilean (she looks like native american) adn she fed us like this natural fish soup. It was absolutely delicious!!! I never knew that fish could taste good ha ha! After that we had a lesson with Mauricio, the eternal investigator. He went to the store and bought meat and grilled it just for us. He told us that in Chile, the people show love with food. It was really sweet because he basically told us he loves us! Hermana Hernandez is really direct with him, because he needs it! But he usually laughs at us when we talk about baptism. We are seeing a change in him though, and even if he isn't baptized with us, we know that one day he will :) 

We went to Santiago central! I had to get my visa and my I.D card thing. Santiago central is where all of the awesome tourist sites are! We went to Plaza de Armas.. so awesome! I took some great pictures that I will send to you :) We listened to some folclore latino americano band.. they played the flute thingy and everything! It was really awesome. Also  there was a family from Holland that was touring there, and they stopped and talked ith us. They don't know spanish, and only a little bit of English... so another Elder and I were the only ones talking to them. It is awesome to see members from all over the world, and how the church is spread everywhere! Also cool that we had some language in common so we could communicate :) After that we went to a food place to eat. I was sick with the flu, so I just ordered a drink and a little empenada... but it was nasty! Everyone else was really upset with their food too... so we know not to eat there again!

We had a lesson with Bertha's daughter.. Bertha is the one that has cancer. So her daughter took a book of mormon from her mom, and she nad her daughter were reading it (berthas granddaughter.) They say that they are going to read more and pray about it, because they are looking for their religion. We really felt the spirit strong in that lesson, and she is such a great person! She is so fun to talk to! I can't wait until next friday to talk to them again! 

Spent the whole day knocking doors in a rich neighborhood. Not one lesson. But it was fun to see the fancy houses!!!! Also we saw peacocks! Yep. pretty much explains the whole entire day! 

Miguel came to church! He is on the right track for his baptism on the 25th! He is awesome! I want you guys to meet him! He might go to New York to study in a couple years, so maybe you can meet him! 

and thats my week! The days are getting warmer, which means spring is coming!!! They don't have groundhogs here... so I don't know when exactly it will come ;) We are just working hard.. sharing the gospel and such. Oh yeah and Changes passed and I am staying in Pirqueeeeeeee!!!! Happiest day of my life.. I was not ready to leave! I love it out here!!!!! Okay.. yep. Love you all!° have a fantastic weeek!

Con Amor,

Hermana Hailey Bailey Sommerfeldailey
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

Monday, August 5, 2013

Chillin’ like a villian, workin like a boss

Hey Everyone!

Oh how crazy it is how fast the time goes by! I feel like I just barely emailed everyone! It is kind of sad, but it makes me want to work harder!!!! So I am sorry my emails aren't organized in anyway at all.... I am going to attempt to organize this one. I am pretty sure I have ADD so I apologize...

Tuesday:  We had intercambios (changes for the day), because my companion is the leader for girls.. like a zone leader, but a sister. I went to Trinidad, and my companion for the day was Sister Jackson, from Utah. She has only been here for like 6 weeks more than me, so it was kind of scary  because we both have limited Spanish skills, but it turned out great thanks to the spirit!! It was awesome to have an actual long conversation with somebody  in English that has stuff in common with me. She is really smart, and loves all the kind of nerdy stuff that I do :) Also Trinidad is really pretty! The sisters live in an aparment on the 18th floor of a really tall building.. and their apartment is actually nice! I have heard that we have the worst house in the whole mission... Its okay though, because I know that whereever I go next will be nicer.. We have changes coming up in a week, and I am really nervous that I am going to change, because it seems I just got used to Pirque, and finally got the trust of our investigators! I will be kind of bummed if I have to leave this beautiful part of Chile. 

Wednesday: We changed back. I ate lentil beans for lunch.... again. :( seems like everyday I have garbonzo beans or lentils.... well at least 3 times a week! We visited Hna Troncoso, a recent convert who is really sweet. She got married when she was 12 and never went to school, so she can't read. It is hard to teach her because she doesn't understand a lot, but it is fun. We talked to her about hte temple and she said she wants to go, so hopefully we can get her there! Also we taught a family in our little neighborhood. We met their son while he was out playing soccer, and he introduced us to his mom. They are such a cute family! The kid is 14 and reminds me of Bronson! Whenever we are in the neighborhood, he and his big group of friends always calls us over to say play with them or talk to them! We have gotten lessons with 3 of their families!! yay! Sometimes it is good to be a little immature.. that is how we get contacts :) Anyway we invited them to church, but they said it was a big decision for their family so they will have to talk about it with each other. We told them that they aren't commiting to anything by going to church, and they were like" OHHH! we thought we had to join if we went".. No not yet... maybe the 3rd sunday... ;)  

Thursday: We had lunch with a less active member, Guadolupe. She is my favorite! She is this cute little rolly polly lady, and she treats us like we are her grandkids.. I love her to death! She fed us a delicous lunch! Complete with icecream! I want you guys to meet her, she is so awesome! Anyway after that we had some lessons, but the best lesson was at night. We taught Miguel and Margarita, a mother and son that we contacted at a little grocery store place that they own. We gave them a Book of Mormon last time, and this time Miguel had read like half of 1st Nephi! Awesome! We taught about Joseph Smith, and he asked a lot of questions. He has been searching for a church, and has been researching different churches, and on one website it had a lot of lies about Joseph Smith. He was really grateful for the information we gave him, and said it was better that he just talked with us to hear the truth rather than other people that don't know anything about hte religion. His mom is a little bit harder. She loves having us over, but she doesn't understand what we are telling her about hte restoration. Hopefully we can get through to her! We want to invite them to be baptized on our next lesson... We asked them what they would do if they prayed and found out that this church was true, and they said they would join it... So I am praying praying praying that that is a good sign!!!!! 

Friday: We had a lesson with one of the "eternal" investigators, Mauricio. His son is on a mission, and his wife and daughter are mebmers, but he won't commit to baptism. When we first started teaching him, he was really shy, but this last lesson he really opened up and actually answered questions with mroe than 1 word! It was a really good lesson, and we felt the spirit really strong. He said that he would actually read this time, and he went to church! YAY! I think he is a really really good guy, but he doesn't want ot commit to anything unless he knows for sure that he is going to do it. We have a lesson with him next friday, and we are really going to try to set a baptismal date. (we try everytime with him but usually he says no). 

Saturday, Sunday:Lots of walking,and contacting. We need more people so this is what our day consisted of! We taught a less active who is amazing! and she is quitting her job so she can come to church! I am so excited! 

Yep that was it ...... sorry I forgot the little details inbetween but this was my week! Are you guys going to see Despicable me 2 ? or monsters university! I want to watch those when I get back! every little kid we talk to jabbers on and on about one of those movies! 
Miss you guys! I am sending you all my love, and trying  to send you some of the  cold from down here! Hugs and kisses!!


Hermana Hailey 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Views in the World.

Hey fam and frienz!

Okay this week was full of excitement and fun!

Wednesday: the new old missionary couple got here. they live right next door to us and they are adorable! They are going to be the next MTC president down here, but that is in 4 months. so for now, they are helping us in our area! Yay! They are Elder and Sister Doll, from California... He was the mission president in Chicago, and now they are here! Sis Doll is absolutely adorable! She calls us her daughters, and it is nice to have a "mom" here. 

Thursday: We walked... and walked and walked like the pioneers walked... literally forever!!! it was the most beautiful view in the world though! I forgot to take my camera :( Then I had to pee.. and we were in the middle of fields and vineyards... I just started walking behind a tree and my companion was like "what are you doing?" I said... watch for cars.. and that was the end of it! Best view I have ever had while I was going to the bathroom! I am soooo roughing it out here! just kidding. So it got dark after a beautiful sunset... and we were still in the middle of nowhere with only some cars passing by once in a while.. and a guy started to follow us all creepy like! then he dissappeared! we were so freaked out that he was still following us but hiding in the shadows! We are still alive though, so it is all good! 

The rest of the week was uneventful... so.... yeah.

love you all! 
Choose the right and stuff!

Hermana Sommerfeld

Chi chi chileeeeeee

Hey fam and friends!

How is everything going  back in gringolandia? That is what the members say when they are talking about the united states, like "how is the food in gringolandia? what is your favorite thing to do in gringo landia?" etc., etc.,.. Here in not gringo land everything is going pretty well! We are having a problem with investigators keeping their commitments and their appointments.. .literally every single appointment fell through this week :( boo.. but we still found ways to find and teach our people! No baptisms yet..but I am working on that ;) We had some funny things happen this week so at least I was laughing a lot.

funny thing #1... So there are five of us that live in our little ghetto house... the other group of sisters is a trio. Okay so we played a joke on one of them and we pretended that the president called to say that we had changes. Hna Gonzalez told Hna Perez that she was going to be changing to another companionship in a different sector because the companionships there were having problems and some people needed to be switched around.. Then they made up that her companion was going to be this one girl that is really lazy and a super bad missionary and that she yells at members and all that sort of thing. Hna Perez was freaking out and was really sad that she was leaving Pirque... Finally Hna Gonzalez gave her a letter and said this is for you for your goodbye.. the letter said like sorry this was a joke. Hna Perez freaked out and we all laughed forever... The best part was her reaction :)

#2... So the other companionship was contacting this drunk guy on the street, and he went to give Hna Tax a kiss goodbye (its not wierd it is the culture here), but we are sisters so we can't kiss guys goodbye. Hna tax said Oh we can't sorry. Then the drunk guy said like "why not? Jesus taught people to love one another and he gave kisses." Then Hna Tax said... "Yeah I know but remember when he was resurrected and he wouldn't let anyone touch him until he went to heaven? You can't touch me." At this point Hna Tax was like hiding behind Hna Gonzalez and she looked up to Hna Gonzalez and said "this is part of lesson two right?"... I wasn't there but when they told us this we all died laughing... some cheesy missionary humor for you...

I don't know why everything seemed funny this week! It was good though :) Also this week I had the goal to not say "I'm tired" outloud, and to try to not to even think it in my mind. I only said it 3 times, and I feel like it really helped me feel less tired. Seriously I feel exhausted every day, and sometimes I can't even keep my eyes open I am so tired! I am going to try to do the same thing again this week, and see if it helps me again. 

As far as weather goes.. it is still freezing here! But today was really warm :) I hope that that is a sign that it is going to warm up! I didn't even wear my coat today!! 

We got to meet the newest group that just came in from the MTC... there were so many gringos! I talked to one of the girls and she was like "Oh! you are sister Sommerfeld.. I have heard a lot about you!" I was nervous at first because usually that isn't a good thing, but she reassured me that it was all good things that she heard. She told me that the Mtc president and his wife say hi.. made me smile :) Also I guess some of the girls in their group read my blog to get an idea of what it was like here in Chile... Hope I didn't say anything wrong! ha ha! 

Sorry about the disorder of this letter... I just say what comes to my mind!! Oh yeah so I might get glasses... I have to go to the eye doctor and find out.. I haven't been able to see very far lately and things are blurry... don't know why my eyes would suddenly get worse.. but hopefully if I fix my eyesight it will help with my migraines... Im going to get hipster glasses for sure ;)

The food is the same. I am getting fat! Means I need to start excercising in the mornings so I don't come home looking like the michelan man!

I still sound stupid when I speak Spanish, but hopefully that will keep improving! I feel more comfortable talking to people though.. so its a good thing! 

Uhh yeah.. sorry don't know what else to update you on!

Love you all!!!!

Hermana Hai Hai

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Mish Mish With Some Pics

Hey fam! How is it going!?

I hope your 4th of July was awesome! It sounds like you guys had a fun time with all of your summer activities and stadium of fire! Sorry mom that you had to stay home... and that Dax is a baby lol! He would never survive Chile as a street dog! I am glad he is there with you guys in a nice warm home :) Fourth of July here was uneventful... except for we had a zone class and the majority of us are gringos so we sang the star spangled banner and had cookies and milk in behalf of Independance day :) That was fun! To be honest though... i would have rather had a barbeque and a parade.. I can't complain too much though! 

This week was pretty rough! We had some struggles with some of the ward members, but we prayed and fasted and are trying to do the Christ like thing. I think it is good I don't know much Spanish, or I might have said a few words that I regretted... I should always wait like 20 minutes before I respond when I am angry lol! I am learning so much here... like patience and how to be more positive. I really needed this mission.. no lie. 

This week I gained a stronger testimony of who I am and what my purpose in life is... it makes me sad when I talk to people and they don't know that they have eternal potential and that they are children of God. I am so grateful that I have the gospel to help me remember what I knew in the premortal life, and that I know the atonement can help me with my trials. I know that through sharing the gospel our testimonies are strengthened. 

Love you guys so much! Sorry about the short email.... I am sending over some pictures from here so that you can have more of a gestimation of where I am :) I love you guys!

Hugs and Kisses!
Hermana Sommerfeld

a view from a members house

the pollution makes it so there is a pretty sunset

another sunset

Hermana Hernandez and me

It is cold outside, and wet

making gringo food for the members... brownies

one of the roads that goes on forever

our puppy!!! I feed him sometimes and he sleeps right here when it rains

sloppy joes for the members.. Im such a great cook!

so you know you are in the country when.. you walk your donkey

another sunset

Sunday, June 30, 2013

The mish mish

Hey fam!

So this week was a bit interesting, but it was pretty good! I had the wonderful experience of being sick.... My darn cough still hasn't gotten better and I think I picked up the stomach flu as well :( But I got the drugs, and I am feeling much much better!!! We had a bunch of different meetings this week, so I don't feel that we were able to teach all the people that we could have.... hopefully this next week is better! It is FREEZING here! I learned that I am in the coldest sector of the whole mission... because we are South (colder in south america) and the east (close to the mountains) So I am dying a little bit. The worst part is that our little heater doesn't put out enough heat and the homes here do NOT retain heat like they should. They are made of cement so it makes it even worse... I just keep on adding more and more clothes and hoping that it gets better! 

Right now we have a lot of investigators that say they know the church is true, but they won't committ to baptism. The most frustrating thing ever. We just keep praying for them a lot and try to find out their doubts and the reasons they won't be baptized.. it is really hard. Also everyone keeps changing around their appointements and canceling them and we ended up teaching like barely any lessons this week.. I am praying that this week is a lot better! Not really much to talk about... that is when you know I had an unsuccessful week.. when my email is this short.. sorry!

Anywayzz.. we went to the worldwide leadership conference thing.. It was completely in Spanish, but I understood everything..!!!! A sign that my spanish is improving.. still can't really speak it, but I can understand most of what people say.. It probably helped that the translator spoke A LOT slower than the Chileans.. Really though.. they speak so fast it is insane... Like those auctioneers at a county fair.. but in Spanish! LOL. Anyway, if you went you know that they talked a lot about missionaries at the conference. It made me more excited to be a missionary in this time, but also it made me so excited that you guys at home could get more involved in missionary work! There are so many ways that ward members help us.. we really could not do this without them, and I am excited for you guys to find ways to help the missionaries! Really this work is for everyone, and I know that as you strive to find people and introduce them to the gospel, your testimonies will grow and you will find an even greater love for the Lord and for this church. I feel blessed to be able to be on my mission right now! It is so fun to see all the sisters that are coming and how much all the missions are growing!

I love you guys so much!


Hermana Sommerfeld

No soy una testigo Jehovah!

Hello everyone!

I hope that everything is going well in the U S of A :) Things are pretty chill down here.. and I mean cold. I want summer soooo bad right now! but I will have to wait until September..  weird that my birthday will be in Spring! kind of cool though. This week was a really good week spiritually, even though I had some challenges. We got our first baptism date, and I hope hope hope hope hope that she will continue to progress and to get baptized while I am here, and that her husband will too. She is an older woman that has stomach cancer, and she was searching for answers about what happens after we die.. she was raised catholic, but she couldn't find all the  answers she was looking for so she started to open up a little bit to hearing from different religions. We talked to her about  the temple on her first lesson and about baptism, and she accepted a date before we even finished talking about the plan of salvation.. She reminds me soo much of Grandma Gardner, and I love her so much!  Also this week we had about a million people think that we were Jehovah's witnesses....  NONONONONONONONONO NO! I am kind of tired of telling people that we are not Jehovah's witnesses.. I guess that the group of J.W are very faithful of going and knocking on doors every sunday, so when we do people don't want to hear from us, because they get people wanting to talk to them all the time. I don't blame them, but I wish we could have a plaque that says  we are mormons.. so I don't have to say it so much lol! Besides that it has been pretty good. I had a migraine for this whole week off and on, which makes it really hard to concentrate, so my spanish is still awful, but I was able to teach lessons without a problem, so I feel blessed for that! Another fun experience this week was having no hot water. LIterally felt like the ocean in January when I took a shower.. but after a couple of showers like that I started to microwave some water and then used it in my shower... everyone laughed at me.. but i was warm, and I could hear them crying when they tried to wash their hair. .Moral of the story.. Mom, I now respect you for looking bad in public because of the clothes that you wear to keep warm.. I now know that it is worth it to look stupid and be warm. Thank you for those life lessons haha ha. I love you guys so much and I miss you! I send hugs and kisses over email to all of you!


Hermana Sommerfeld

I just wanna watch futbol.


How is everyone doing!!?? Everything here is going alright.. A little bit of a harder week then the other weeks, but I have been learning from all the challenges! It has been a really warm week thank goodness! However, it seems like no one has been home and is busy, so all of the appointments that we got were pretty much cancelled and we didn't teach very much.... I had a few experiences this week that I learned a lot from even though we weren't very successful this week, I think it is okay because we spent our time with people that really wanted to listen to what we had to say and that really really need the gospel in their lives.

We went to one family's house who had been taking lessons from the elders before, but they stopped for one reason or another. We walked into the house and there was the mom, Rosaria on the couch and she was in a lot of pain because of her foot.. (there is something wrong with her veins or something like that and her whole foot is purple and black.. she can't even walk on it) and her brother was next to her in a wheel chair.. (I think CP, but not sure..and he talks very little and is very dependent on the family) and then her daughter, maria was there too. We began to talk to them to find out their needs and we found out that their son died a little while ago. The daughter said she doesn't believe in God because of all the suffering that happens in the world, especially her family.. She asked a lot of questions like Why do people have to die? why are we even living? Why does all this have to happen? She works all day on her feet.. (she also has a problem with her feet and is constantly in pain)... in order to pay for her college and for the family's needs. As she talked about all the family's suffering she got emotional and you could tell she was angry with God. We tried to explain about the atonement and how it can help in their lives, but we had a hard time teaching the plan of salvation to them.. It is exactly what they need to know. I felt so strongly that this family NEEDS the gospel... I started to cry when we asked Maria if she wants to live with her family forever and she said she doesn't even care anymore, she just wants her mom to stop hurting. I know that the gospel can answer all of the questions they have and that they can gain an understanding of the atonement of Christ and how it can help them... I am just praying that I can be able to teach with the spirit on next sunday when we talk with them again, and that they can gain a testimony that there is a God, and that he loves them so much. Being here really has opened my eyes to the suffering that goes on in the world, and how much people really do need the gospel to help them answer all of the questions that they need. I feel so blessed to be able to know the answers to their questions and to have a testimony that God loves us, and that whatever trials we go through are to help make us stronger so that we can return with Heavenly Father again. 

I love you guys so much and I challenge you this week to find a friend, or anyone that you think could really use the gospel in their lives, and to share it with them. Invite them to church, to read something from the scriptures, or whatever. I know it is hard.. I never would have been comfortable inviting someone to learn more about the church before, but I KNOW that everyone needs the message that we have and that we have the fullness of the gospel.

i love you all! Have an amazing week! I love hearing all the fun stories you have and about your summer fun! 
Hugs and Kisses!
Hermana Sommerfeld

Monday, June 3, 2013

Greetings from Chile baby..

Hola familia y amigos!
So this week was a pretty good week! I can say I am worn out... and when you are in the mission I guess that is a good thing ha ha it means that you have been working hard ;) This week we got some new investigators and taught a bunch of inactive families... That is the hardest thing about our sector is the amount of people that come to church... literally like 7 families. It is something we are working hard to change though! One of the families that we taught has 2 little girls that are adorable! One is Aubrey's age and the other is 4... While my companion is teaching their parents, I just play with the girls ha ha... my spanish is closer to their level then anything. If I don't understand them I just say si si si and nod my had like I know what is going on lol! Anyway one of the little girls gave me this cute little blanket and told me to sleep with it every night! It was adorable.. and her mom quit her job so that she could come to church! This was a huge deal! i am so excited that their little family will be coming to church with us and that we were able to help remind them what it was like to feel the spirit, and to have the gospel in their lives. These are the things that keep me going! Alright what else? Oh! I met a family in the grocery store today that is from Utah.. kind of. I heard a little girl speaking Engish, and I turned around and her dad was liike "Oh! Elderes!" We just smiled and said yeah we are the missionaries! He asked where I was from and then he got all excited because they were from Utah too. I guess he is from Chile, and his wife from Michigan, but they lived in Utah for a long time. He isn't a member.. he is a born again Christian, but he did work on the temple in Mexico and worked at BYU. He and his wife are super nice and invited us to go over to their house on P days.. since it is out of our area.. and have some American food!!! Yay! It was really fun to have a conversation in English and to have a little connection from home ;) 

The rain finally stopped... Halleluja! But I hear it is supposed to rain again soon.... I didnt bring rain boots so I have been using a pair from the mission home that are a size too small... but it is worth it when the streets all flood! What else? Oh yeah the hardest thing for me right now is cleanliness.... thanks dad for passing on your OCD genes. I am dying. I think I will get used to eating off of dirty plates and drinking bugs though... it shouldn't be too hard! ...................... I am starting to get a little more used to the food.. it is hard for me to not have all the yummy things that we have at home, but i have found some good things here too! Empenadas for one. are. amazing. I mean fried bread with melted cheese? umm.. yes please! Also at night we are fed Sopapillas all the time... Like scones kind of.. with Ecco (the coffee kind of stuff). I also like that I can buy doritos at the grocery store to get in my little unhealthy fix. One of the other sisters that lives with us is from Cancun in Mexico, and she is dying without cheese here! We both talk to eachother about the yummy mexican food that we miss ha ha.. I know how to say those words.. Taco. Burrito. Enchalada. 

Anyway, I love you all and I'm sorry that this is a short message! There is a lot to say, but it all blends together in my mind and I can't remember what happened when and la da da... Oh yeah!!! One more story...

The moral of this story is to follow promptings of the spirit. 
So we were walking home late one night and we were arguing about whether or not I should talk to the next person about the restoration.. in spanish.. I was saying no, because I don't know how to say all the words yet and I needed an example.. Anyway we ended up talking to this girl that was at the bus stop instead of talking to other people. She was there with her Pololo (boyfriend) and the bus was on its way.. so it really wasn't the best time to walk up and talk to them, but we did anyway because that is what we were being told we needed to do. Well we interrupted her and her boyfriend and she didn't even get to kiss him goodbye because we were talking to her.. At first she was a little frustrated but then she got really interested in what we were saying.. We walked her back to her house and we stopped by the next day and talked to her Mom. Her mom is now taking the lessons and she is the sweetest person I have met down here. She had all sorts of questions like what happens after we die? What is the purpose of life? Things like that... Things that the gospel is PERFECT at answering! I really hope that we can have more good lessons with her and that her and her little family will be able to join the church and realize the amazing things that the gospel can bless them with! Crazy that if we hadn't stopped to talk to Karla, we never would have been able to meet her mom and her family. Makes me wonder what could have happened the times I ignored those little promptings.. also makes me want to make sure I am always listening to the spirit! 

Love you guys with all my heart!!!!! 

Hermana Sommerfeld

Monday, May 27, 2013

el campo misional! The mission field!

Hey family and friends!

I am wriing this email from a little internet cafe in my area! My fingers are numb because i have been out in the rain... it is like a monsoon out there! and so sorry for the bad spelling and typing!
My area is awesome! It is about an hour away from Santiago and it is out in the country...kind of... it is really similar to St.George, in that there is a big mixture of farms and neighborhoods. Also it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Seriously... it is just beginning winter here so there are still some fall leaves, and a lot of green trees too.. there is a vineyard right by our house, but there is graffitti all over it because the workers are on strike and its this big crazy issue I don't really ask about. Okay so the area is called Pirque, if you want to look it up on the ocmputer.. not sure if ther will be good pictures bu t you can try! My compainion is Hermana Hernandez and she is from Nicaragua. She is okay at English, but sometimes we have to use charades to communicate. The first person we went to contact ,she said I will do this one, then the next one is yours. It was terrifying, but I actually was able to speak in Spanish and we set up an appointment to go teach them!

Our area is going to be kind of difficult because it is Huge and we can`t ride bikes (too dangerous) and we have to take busses everywhere.. side note. the busses are also terrifying. My balance has improved greatly! Okay anyway. In our area we have one small branch and there are five of us sisters that cover it (first sister missionaries in this area..what what!!??), and there are A LOT of inactive and less active members. It is absolutely crazy! So we willl be teaching a lot of families that don't go to church and try to help them come back. One of the sisters that we taught is named Esteffani, and she has two cute girls and is married to a non members. She hasn't been to church for a long time, and she started smoking a year after she was baptized. She wants to quit but she started smoking when she was 10 and it is something hard  for  her.. especailly since her husband smokes. We had a great lesson with her and felt  the spirit so strong! I really hope that we can help make a difference  for her, and I hoope her husband's heart is softened (he says we are a  cult..) There are lots of stories like this and I wish i had time to share them all, but I don't! ;( you will just have to read my journal when I get home!

Okay.. Some interesting/different/cool cultural facts about Chile....

If you want to ride a bus you have to call for it like a taxi.
Everyone greets eachother with a hug and a kiss on the cheek... we can't do this with men, and sometimes it is really awkward when they go in for a kiss and you have to say no.
The homes have no insulation. Our house is literally all cement.. including the floor. I freeze.
you say permiso before anything it is like our form of excuse me, but literally is said  almost every other sentence.
There are fences around every house and you have to call Allo! in order to get someone to come outside. 
There is a lot of Fanta here. orange soda for days.
The food is a lot better now that I am not in the CCM. We eat rice almost every meal.
You eat a huge lunch and then once for dinner. Once is like a hot drink with some bread or a little snack.. However the members over feed you for every meal! (We had two once's yesterday). 
A hot drink they have is ECCO.. apparantly it tastes just like coffee, but it is made from a grain. I love it! 
The name for umbrella is paraagua.. literally for water.
Latinas love english music. They always sing American songs to me and ask if I know it.. usually I do cuz I am a music genious like that. Just kidding.
There is always music playing everywhere we go... it is so hard not to dance to some of  the songs! 
Futbol. is. huge. I have a hard time not watching it when I  go in houses. People get so  excited.. its like the superbowl every game.
Lots of other stuff... everythingis different, but I am enjoying it!

I am having a great time teaching people! There are always struggles, but it is better to learn  from them then to complain! I am so sad to hear about Aaron. Please give all my love to everyone. I know that he is in a better place, and that he is free from pain. Also sorry to hear about Dixie Anderson, please let her family know that I am thinking of them. Is everyone okay in Oklahoma!? That is scary! I had a dream about a tornado last night! Sometimes I wake up to small tremors and it puts me on the edge... don't really like these natural disasters!
I am going to try to send some pictures, so hopefully those make it! If any of you are trying to send me messages and there are pictures attatched they might not go through because of the filter of the sight.. so... send your message and the pictures seperate! Por favor! Also, momma I need some pictures of Dax! I am missing him with all of the dogs here..

Other side note. There are stray dogs everywhere. It is so sad...  there are some in such bad conditions, but also there are some that are just mean and come up and attack you! it is kind of scary.. that is why I have a BOM in my hands at all times.. because if I look like I a going to hit them with it, then they back off a little! But seriously, some dogs love us and will follow us for a mile. My companion hates it when they do that, but I usually pet them and sneak them some food.. (Probably why they follow us for so long). I can just tell some of them are so sweet and it makes me want to cry when they give the puppy  dog pout. Second side note. Fleas. I am one of those white people that fleas like to bite. Yay.

Okay so i get sidetracked but I just thought of a major accomplish I made this week! So members like to serve lots of fruit. all the times. and one house served a bowl with bananas mixed into it.......................................No. I didn't eat the bananas... BUT! I did eat the kiwi that was touching the bananas. It only took 4 cups of fanta and a lot of will power. Mom, you should be proud.

Alrighty! I have to leave out into the pouring rain and freezingness.. but I love you guys so much! and i MISS you! CTR and all that jazz!

Hermana Sommerfeld

Rainy day today! flooded streets