Monday, July 22, 2013

Chi chi chileeeeeee

Hey fam and friends!

How is everything going  back in gringolandia? That is what the members say when they are talking about the united states, like "how is the food in gringolandia? what is your favorite thing to do in gringo landia?" etc., etc.,.. Here in not gringo land everything is going pretty well! We are having a problem with investigators keeping their commitments and their appointments.. .literally every single appointment fell through this week :( boo.. but we still found ways to find and teach our people! No baptisms yet..but I am working on that ;) We had some funny things happen this week so at least I was laughing a lot.

funny thing #1... So there are five of us that live in our little ghetto house... the other group of sisters is a trio. Okay so we played a joke on one of them and we pretended that the president called to say that we had changes. Hna Gonzalez told Hna Perez that she was going to be changing to another companionship in a different sector because the companionships there were having problems and some people needed to be switched around.. Then they made up that her companion was going to be this one girl that is really lazy and a super bad missionary and that she yells at members and all that sort of thing. Hna Perez was freaking out and was really sad that she was leaving Pirque... Finally Hna Gonzalez gave her a letter and said this is for you for your goodbye.. the letter said like sorry this was a joke. Hna Perez freaked out and we all laughed forever... The best part was her reaction :)

#2... So the other companionship was contacting this drunk guy on the street, and he went to give Hna Tax a kiss goodbye (its not wierd it is the culture here), but we are sisters so we can't kiss guys goodbye. Hna tax said Oh we can't sorry. Then the drunk guy said like "why not? Jesus taught people to love one another and he gave kisses." Then Hna Tax said... "Yeah I know but remember when he was resurrected and he wouldn't let anyone touch him until he went to heaven? You can't touch me." At this point Hna Tax was like hiding behind Hna Gonzalez and she looked up to Hna Gonzalez and said "this is part of lesson two right?"... I wasn't there but when they told us this we all died laughing... some cheesy missionary humor for you...

I don't know why everything seemed funny this week! It was good though :) Also this week I had the goal to not say "I'm tired" outloud, and to try to not to even think it in my mind. I only said it 3 times, and I feel like it really helped me feel less tired. Seriously I feel exhausted every day, and sometimes I can't even keep my eyes open I am so tired! I am going to try to do the same thing again this week, and see if it helps me again. 

As far as weather goes.. it is still freezing here! But today was really warm :) I hope that that is a sign that it is going to warm up! I didn't even wear my coat today!! 

We got to meet the newest group that just came in from the MTC... there were so many gringos! I talked to one of the girls and she was like "Oh! you are sister Sommerfeld.. I have heard a lot about you!" I was nervous at first because usually that isn't a good thing, but she reassured me that it was all good things that she heard. She told me that the Mtc president and his wife say hi.. made me smile :) Also I guess some of the girls in their group read my blog to get an idea of what it was like here in Chile... Hope I didn't say anything wrong! ha ha! 

Sorry about the disorder of this letter... I just say what comes to my mind!! Oh yeah so I might get glasses... I have to go to the eye doctor and find out.. I haven't been able to see very far lately and things are blurry... don't know why my eyes would suddenly get worse.. but hopefully if I fix my eyesight it will help with my migraines... Im going to get hipster glasses for sure ;)

The food is the same. I am getting fat! Means I need to start excercising in the mornings so I don't come home looking like the michelan man!

I still sound stupid when I speak Spanish, but hopefully that will keep improving! I feel more comfortable talking to people though.. so its a good thing! 

Uhh yeah.. sorry don't know what else to update you on!

Love you all!!!!

Hermana Hai Hai

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