Monday, July 22, 2013

Best Views in the World.

Hey fam and frienz!

Okay this week was full of excitement and fun!

Wednesday: the new old missionary couple got here. they live right next door to us and they are adorable! They are going to be the next MTC president down here, but that is in 4 months. so for now, they are helping us in our area! Yay! They are Elder and Sister Doll, from California... He was the mission president in Chicago, and now they are here! Sis Doll is absolutely adorable! She calls us her daughters, and it is nice to have a "mom" here. 

Thursday: We walked... and walked and walked like the pioneers walked... literally forever!!! it was the most beautiful view in the world though! I forgot to take my camera :( Then I had to pee.. and we were in the middle of fields and vineyards... I just started walking behind a tree and my companion was like "what are you doing?" I said... watch for cars.. and that was the end of it! Best view I have ever had while I was going to the bathroom! I am soooo roughing it out here! just kidding. So it got dark after a beautiful sunset... and we were still in the middle of nowhere with only some cars passing by once in a while.. and a guy started to follow us all creepy like! then he dissappeared! we were so freaked out that he was still following us but hiding in the shadows! We are still alive though, so it is all good! 

The rest of the week was uneventful... so.... yeah.

love you all! 
Choose the right and stuff!

Hermana Sommerfeld

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