Monday, August 5, 2013

Chillin’ like a villian, workin like a boss

Hey Everyone!

Oh how crazy it is how fast the time goes by! I feel like I just barely emailed everyone! It is kind of sad, but it makes me want to work harder!!!! So I am sorry my emails aren't organized in anyway at all.... I am going to attempt to organize this one. I am pretty sure I have ADD so I apologize...

Tuesday:  We had intercambios (changes for the day), because my companion is the leader for girls.. like a zone leader, but a sister. I went to Trinidad, and my companion for the day was Sister Jackson, from Utah. She has only been here for like 6 weeks more than me, so it was kind of scary  because we both have limited Spanish skills, but it turned out great thanks to the spirit!! It was awesome to have an actual long conversation with somebody  in English that has stuff in common with me. She is really smart, and loves all the kind of nerdy stuff that I do :) Also Trinidad is really pretty! The sisters live in an aparment on the 18th floor of a really tall building.. and their apartment is actually nice! I have heard that we have the worst house in the whole mission... Its okay though, because I know that whereever I go next will be nicer.. We have changes coming up in a week, and I am really nervous that I am going to change, because it seems I just got used to Pirque, and finally got the trust of our investigators! I will be kind of bummed if I have to leave this beautiful part of Chile. 

Wednesday: We changed back. I ate lentil beans for lunch.... again. :( seems like everyday I have garbonzo beans or lentils.... well at least 3 times a week! We visited Hna Troncoso, a recent convert who is really sweet. She got married when she was 12 and never went to school, so she can't read. It is hard to teach her because she doesn't understand a lot, but it is fun. We talked to her about hte temple and she said she wants to go, so hopefully we can get her there! Also we taught a family in our little neighborhood. We met their son while he was out playing soccer, and he introduced us to his mom. They are such a cute family! The kid is 14 and reminds me of Bronson! Whenever we are in the neighborhood, he and his big group of friends always calls us over to say play with them or talk to them! We have gotten lessons with 3 of their families!! yay! Sometimes it is good to be a little immature.. that is how we get contacts :) Anyway we invited them to church, but they said it was a big decision for their family so they will have to talk about it with each other. We told them that they aren't commiting to anything by going to church, and they were like" OHHH! we thought we had to join if we went".. No not yet... maybe the 3rd sunday... ;)  

Thursday: We had lunch with a less active member, Guadolupe. She is my favorite! She is this cute little rolly polly lady, and she treats us like we are her grandkids.. I love her to death! She fed us a delicous lunch! Complete with icecream! I want you guys to meet her, she is so awesome! Anyway after that we had some lessons, but the best lesson was at night. We taught Miguel and Margarita, a mother and son that we contacted at a little grocery store place that they own. We gave them a Book of Mormon last time, and this time Miguel had read like half of 1st Nephi! Awesome! We taught about Joseph Smith, and he asked a lot of questions. He has been searching for a church, and has been researching different churches, and on one website it had a lot of lies about Joseph Smith. He was really grateful for the information we gave him, and said it was better that he just talked with us to hear the truth rather than other people that don't know anything about hte religion. His mom is a little bit harder. She loves having us over, but she doesn't understand what we are telling her about hte restoration. Hopefully we can get through to her! We want to invite them to be baptized on our next lesson... We asked them what they would do if they prayed and found out that this church was true, and they said they would join it... So I am praying praying praying that that is a good sign!!!!! 

Friday: We had a lesson with one of the "eternal" investigators, Mauricio. His son is on a mission, and his wife and daughter are mebmers, but he won't commit to baptism. When we first started teaching him, he was really shy, but this last lesson he really opened up and actually answered questions with mroe than 1 word! It was a really good lesson, and we felt the spirit really strong. He said that he would actually read this time, and he went to church! YAY! I think he is a really really good guy, but he doesn't want ot commit to anything unless he knows for sure that he is going to do it. We have a lesson with him next friday, and we are really going to try to set a baptismal date. (we try everytime with him but usually he says no). 

Saturday, Sunday:Lots of walking,and contacting. We need more people so this is what our day consisted of! We taught a less active who is amazing! and she is quitting her job so she can come to church! I am so excited! 

Yep that was it ...... sorry I forgot the little details inbetween but this was my week! Are you guys going to see Despicable me 2 ? or monsters university! I want to watch those when I get back! every little kid we talk to jabbers on and on about one of those movies! 
Miss you guys! I am sending you all my love, and trying  to send you some of the  cold from down here! Hugs and kisses!!


Hermana Hailey 

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