Saturday, September 28, 2013

08.12.13 yaaaaaaa Po

Hey everyone!

This week was a really really busy week, but it was awesome! 

we had intercambios, because my companion is the zone leader for sisters. She went to a place called Soterro Del Rio, and Hermana Nava came to our sector. It was interesting to teach with someone new, but it was alright. We had a rocky time with some of our lessons, because of diffrences in teaching style, but we figured it out!

I got my companion back :) thank goodness! I missed having my "mama" around to help me out, and translate some words for me! We went to a less active members house, named Indira, the one with adorable little girls! She is part native chilean (she looks like native american) adn she fed us like this natural fish soup. It was absolutely delicious!!! I never knew that fish could taste good ha ha! After that we had a lesson with Mauricio, the eternal investigator. He went to the store and bought meat and grilled it just for us. He told us that in Chile, the people show love with food. It was really sweet because he basically told us he loves us! Hermana Hernandez is really direct with him, because he needs it! But he usually laughs at us when we talk about baptism. We are seeing a change in him though, and even if he isn't baptized with us, we know that one day he will :) 

We went to Santiago central! I had to get my visa and my I.D card thing. Santiago central is where all of the awesome tourist sites are! We went to Plaza de Armas.. so awesome! I took some great pictures that I will send to you :) We listened to some folclore latino americano band.. they played the flute thingy and everything! It was really awesome. Also  there was a family from Holland that was touring there, and they stopped and talked ith us. They don't know spanish, and only a little bit of English... so another Elder and I were the only ones talking to them. It is awesome to see members from all over the world, and how the church is spread everywhere! Also cool that we had some language in common so we could communicate :) After that we went to a food place to eat. I was sick with the flu, so I just ordered a drink and a little empenada... but it was nasty! Everyone else was really upset with their food too... so we know not to eat there again!

We had a lesson with Bertha's daughter.. Bertha is the one that has cancer. So her daughter took a book of mormon from her mom, and she nad her daughter were reading it (berthas granddaughter.) They say that they are going to read more and pray about it, because they are looking for their religion. We really felt the spirit strong in that lesson, and she is such a great person! She is so fun to talk to! I can't wait until next friday to talk to them again! 

Spent the whole day knocking doors in a rich neighborhood. Not one lesson. But it was fun to see the fancy houses!!!! Also we saw peacocks! Yep. pretty much explains the whole entire day! 

Miguel came to church! He is on the right track for his baptism on the 25th! He is awesome! I want you guys to meet him! He might go to New York to study in a couple years, so maybe you can meet him! 

and thats my week! The days are getting warmer, which means spring is coming!!! They don't have groundhogs here... so I don't know when exactly it will come ;) We are just working hard.. sharing the gospel and such. Oh yeah and Changes passed and I am staying in Pirqueeeeeeee!!!! Happiest day of my life.. I was not ready to leave! I love it out here!!!!! Okay.. yep. Love you all!° have a fantastic weeek!

Con Amor,

Hermana Hailey Bailey Sommerfeldailey
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

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