Sunday, June 30, 2013

No soy una testigo Jehovah!

Hello everyone!

I hope that everything is going well in the U S of A :) Things are pretty chill down here.. and I mean cold. I want summer soooo bad right now! but I will have to wait until September..  weird that my birthday will be in Spring! kind of cool though. This week was a really good week spiritually, even though I had some challenges. We got our first baptism date, and I hope hope hope hope hope that she will continue to progress and to get baptized while I am here, and that her husband will too. She is an older woman that has stomach cancer, and she was searching for answers about what happens after we die.. she was raised catholic, but she couldn't find all the  answers she was looking for so she started to open up a little bit to hearing from different religions. We talked to her about  the temple on her first lesson and about baptism, and she accepted a date before we even finished talking about the plan of salvation.. She reminds me soo much of Grandma Gardner, and I love her so much!  Also this week we had about a million people think that we were Jehovah's witnesses....  NONONONONONONONONO NO! I am kind of tired of telling people that we are not Jehovah's witnesses.. I guess that the group of J.W are very faithful of going and knocking on doors every sunday, so when we do people don't want to hear from us, because they get people wanting to talk to them all the time. I don't blame them, but I wish we could have a plaque that says  we are mormons.. so I don't have to say it so much lol! Besides that it has been pretty good. I had a migraine for this whole week off and on, which makes it really hard to concentrate, so my spanish is still awful, but I was able to teach lessons without a problem, so I feel blessed for that! Another fun experience this week was having no hot water. LIterally felt like the ocean in January when I took a shower.. but after a couple of showers like that I started to microwave some water and then used it in my shower... everyone laughed at me.. but i was warm, and I could hear them crying when they tried to wash their hair. .Moral of the story.. Mom, I now respect you for looking bad in public because of the clothes that you wear to keep warm.. I now know that it is worth it to look stupid and be warm. Thank you for those life lessons haha ha. I love you guys so much and I miss you! I send hugs and kisses over email to all of you!


Hermana Sommerfeld

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