Sunday, June 30, 2013

The mish mish

Hey fam!

So this week was a bit interesting, but it was pretty good! I had the wonderful experience of being sick.... My darn cough still hasn't gotten better and I think I picked up the stomach flu as well :( But I got the drugs, and I am feeling much much better!!! We had a bunch of different meetings this week, so I don't feel that we were able to teach all the people that we could have.... hopefully this next week is better! It is FREEZING here! I learned that I am in the coldest sector of the whole mission... because we are South (colder in south america) and the east (close to the mountains) So I am dying a little bit. The worst part is that our little heater doesn't put out enough heat and the homes here do NOT retain heat like they should. They are made of cement so it makes it even worse... I just keep on adding more and more clothes and hoping that it gets better! 

Right now we have a lot of investigators that say they know the church is true, but they won't committ to baptism. The most frustrating thing ever. We just keep praying for them a lot and try to find out their doubts and the reasons they won't be baptized.. it is really hard. Also everyone keeps changing around their appointements and canceling them and we ended up teaching like barely any lessons this week.. I am praying that this week is a lot better! Not really much to talk about... that is when you know I had an unsuccessful week.. when my email is this short.. sorry!

Anywayzz.. we went to the worldwide leadership conference thing.. It was completely in Spanish, but I understood everything..!!!! A sign that my spanish is improving.. still can't really speak it, but I can understand most of what people say.. It probably helped that the translator spoke A LOT slower than the Chileans.. Really though.. they speak so fast it is insane... Like those auctioneers at a county fair.. but in Spanish! LOL. Anyway, if you went you know that they talked a lot about missionaries at the conference. It made me more excited to be a missionary in this time, but also it made me so excited that you guys at home could get more involved in missionary work! There are so many ways that ward members help us.. we really could not do this without them, and I am excited for you guys to find ways to help the missionaries! Really this work is for everyone, and I know that as you strive to find people and introduce them to the gospel, your testimonies will grow and you will find an even greater love for the Lord and for this church. I feel blessed to be able to be on my mission right now! It is so fun to see all the sisters that are coming and how much all the missions are growing!

I love you guys so much!


Hermana Sommerfeld

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