Saturday, September 28, 2013

08.19.13 Spring is in the air!

Hope everything is great back in gringo landia! This week has been beautiful! It is finally starting to warm up! It is wierd because usually around the time that it is my birthday, things are just starting too cool down a bit! It will be weird to have a b-day in the winter-spring! Everything this week has been going pretty well! I was sick.... again..... Seems like I never have gotten over this darn cough thing. But we all went to the doctor last friday, because we all have like a rash on our arms.. mine isn't that bad, but the other sisters' arms are. The doctor gave us medicines to see if it helps and also said we get to get new matresses! Yay! Also, he told me that I am probably allergic to Chile, so I get to take allergy medicine my whole entire mission. Woop Woop. But at least it should help! I just hope it is that, and not the fact that I just have lousy immune system. The work really is progressing more here, and it has been so cool to see how the Lord really has prepared people for us to hear the gospel! Miguel is getting baptized September 8th. He was supposed to get baptized this next Sunday, but he was really sick so he couldn't come to church last week, and the next week is stake conference. We are so excited for him! It has been really cool to see the change in the way that he acts and he even said he has a suit he will wear to church! It is cute because he is worried about people seeing the tattoos he has, but we keep explaining to him every time we see him that it is okay! It is really fun to see someone become converted to the gospel and to gain a testimony of the truth. The last lesson that we were at he told his mom, "I am not joining this church because it is just some good church, I am joining because I know that it is the true church." I wanted to cry when he said that, because it is like watching someone grow in their testimony and their love for the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be able to see his conversion :) His mom and dad are a little bit of a different story, but we are working really hard to help them too. OH yeah! also Miguel said he wants to serve a mission! SO COOL to hear that from someone who just started listening to the message, but already has a desire to share it with others! AWESOME. What else? OH yeah we found a new investigator in a really unique way! 
We have been praying so hard for miracles in our sector and for the chance to be able to find more people. This thursday was a holiday, and we were not finding anyone! We were walking down a really long road past a line of cars coming back from the mountains, and the people in one car waved us over. They said "I am Alejandro, this is carmen. We are mormons and live in Huingan number 5." Then they drove off. We were like, okay! MAybe they just moved in, so lets go visit them tomorrow. So we went the next day and we took forever to find the house, because the numbers on this street are insane. Seriously it will be like 2546 then 890 then 10 then 3468... There is no order! But we eventually found the house, and we asked the lady in the yard if Carmen or Alejandro was home. She went and got Carmen. BUt as "Carmen" was walking up to the gate, we realized that it wasn't the same Carmen we had met! She was confused too, but eventually she said are you mormons!? We said yep. and she started laughing really hard. We told her that we had gotten her address from some guy and lady in a car, and she said that that was their friend who is a member of the church and he had been joking about getting missionaries to their house. She invited us in and we got to meet her family too. She asked sooooo many questions and was super interested in learning more about the church. Her friend wouldn't answer very many questions, and said she just needs to talk to the missionaries. She said her Mormon friend is a super great guy and that she could tell he had something different about him. I am really grateful for his example! So we taught the lesson, and she expressed her doubts and her feelings about religion and how she really wants to know what the purpose in life is. She said she prays every day for answers,but she hasn't been able to find them. We introduced her to the book of mormon, and next lesson we are going to teach the plan of salvation :) She was really excited to have us in our house, and she kept asking so many questions! The great thing is that we had an answer for every single one. I am so grateful that we have this truth and this gospel to help us answer all the questions about this life. I am excited to go back and teach her this week! Anything else exciting? Don't think so.. everything else is the same old same old! Walk.. teach...walk.walk.walk.walk.walk.bus.walk teach... But it is the good life :) I love you guys and I am so grateful for your help in the mission work too :) BTW there is a great talk that would be good for everyone to read. It is called "Preach my gospel-the unifying tool between members and missionaries" by Elder Erich W Kopischke... in the october 2007 Liahona. It is a great talk that explains how members can use preach my gospel as well to help them become even better member missionaries. I challenge you guys to read it and to incorporate PMG into everyday family scripture study! There are so many tools in there that help us to find people and help us to share the gospel in the best way :) I love you all and I want you to know how much I miss you! I am so grateful to be a member of this church and to know all the things that we are able to know! Hugs and Kisses!

Hermana Sommerfeld
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

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