Saturday, September 28, 2013

09.02.13 I made it through August!

Hey everyone!
So these last couple of weeks have been kind of crazy! Here in Chile they have parties the beginning of September for the old people that lived through August. Because August is the month where the most people die from being sick! I am happy to say I made it through August! Barely. Last week was kind of adventerous... I found out that I am allergic to Chile.. Which is why I have been sick with bronchitis the whole 4 months I have been here. This last Monday I went to the Doctors because I was coughing lots and lots and I couldn't breathe. Then he sent me to the emergency room place here and we were there 7 hours. Worst P day ever! But thankfully I got medicine to help me breathe.. seeing breathing is kind of important and all ;) Also I had to rest Tuesday and Wednesday except for studying and appointments so I got some sleep in! This week was really hard with our investigators. Miguel doesn't want to be baptized any more, and we are working with him with his doubts. When he told us that he wasn't sure anymore it was the hardest thing ever. It felt like my stomach dropped to the floor. It is crazy how Satan works with people and puts so many doubts into their minds. He told us it is because he isn't sure that he will be able to follow through with his side of a covenant because he hates going to church :( It makes me so sad! We are praying and fasting so hard for him! Mauricio is this close to having a baptismal date... and his son wrote from his mission and told him not to wait, but to prepare for them to get sealed in the temple. We were praying for a letterl like that from his son, and It was amazing that he sent one :) Best day ever :) Here it is really rainy, but it is supposed to warm up really nicely! woo hoo! everyone is getting ready for 18 de Septiembre.. and I am so excited to see them dance the cueka and to try new foods :) I am going to try on the traditional dress and send a pic to you:) My spanish is still aweful, but it is getting semi better! Lets see what else.. Oh yeah!!! We are finally getting floor in our house!!! woohooo! It is a good thing too because now that it is warmer there are more and more bigs in there.. and i don't think I could handle seeing another spider on the floor or wall! It is getting warmer here and things are starting to be green again! I am so blessed to be in this beautiful part of Chile :) We have changes in 3 weeks again.. Insane how fast these weeks go by!  But I am pretty sure my companion is going to go open another sector so I will still be in Pirque. Um.. Not sure what else to write.. because this week was unproductive to say the least. but now that I can breathe I am sure this next week will be so much better! I love you guys tons and tons! Hugs and big huge kisses! 

Hermana Sommerfeld 
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

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