Saturday, September 28, 2013

09.09.13 Spring!

¡Buenas Dias!
Hello from here in Chile! This week was absolutely beautiful and I was actually warm for the first time! It was a hard week to find people because the holiday week is next week. It is literally a week of parties, barbecues, dancing, etc.., and NO ONE will be home! :( But we have already had a delicious asado(grill)! And I am hoping that next week we will get some good food too! It is the week to be fat! It is a bummer that we won't be able to teach as much, but hopefully we will find opportunities! This week we had a lot of lessons and I think we managed our time a lot better than usual. It is so hard in our sector because of the distance between houses and neighborhoods but we are beginning to master it! We had a lesson with Mauricio and he kind of admitted that he knows the church is true. We just need him to commit! We had to leave Miguel for awhile :( I just pray that some time he will be more prepared. ... I guess that now wasn't his time. My spanish is doing a little bit better.. of course I am not perfect but I feel like I am closer and closer to carrying on a conversation. what else? Our time changed here.. so I am sooo tired because we lost an hour of sleep :( The upside is that it is light until 8 or 830. Umm... que mas? nada. Sorry this letter was pretty boring! Oh yeah some kid tried to kiss me on the lips and I had to fight him away.. He kept asking if I had a husband and finally I said Yes so he would leave me alone. One of the most awkward experiences of my life. I would tell details. but it is on a need to know basis. Um. yep. I feel my testimony growing every day, and I feel really blessed to have the gospel and to be here sharing it. I shared my testimony on Sunday in sacrament, and I was able to do it without a problem in Spanish.. finally!!!!!!!!! ha ha.. now I just need to get better at the rest of the language! I didn't get my package yet Mom, but I should have it tomorrow!!!!!! YAY!!!!! so excited! My companion got a package from her family that was a GIANT box and they sent it two weeks ago..... I was pretty jealous, but she shared her treats with me :) I think she is as excited as me to get my package so she can eat American candy ha ha. Everything else is great here. I have absolutely no complaints! Oh except for now that it is hot, I look like a buffet to mosquitos. My hands alone have 13 bites.. from yesterday. Time to bring out the bug spray! I don't know what it is about my blood that they like! I guess it is sweet... just like me! ;) just kidding. um. yep. sorry but that is it for this week! giant hugs and kisses! I will send some pictures next week! Oh yeah. next week my Pday is on Tuesday, so don't expect me on Monday ;) Love you alllllllll :) hugs, kisses, xo,xo xoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox hugs kisses. 
Hermana Hai
Mission Chile Santiago Este
Cristobal Colon 6824
Casilla 27.144 Las Condes
Region Metropolitana
Santiago, Chile

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