Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10.14.13 Update from the South of America

Hey Hey Hey.

So sorry for the short and probably very grammatically horrific letter last week. Remember how I said I wasn't feeling well? Well we left early from writing to go home, and while I was on the bus I was praying so so so hard not to throw up. It was not but 3 steps off the bus that I did just that.. threw up. Sorry for the details! But yep.. I for sure have a testimony of prayer now.... Ha ha. Well after that I was super super sick for the next 3 days. I never want to eat chicken and rice again. EVer! While I was stuck in the bathroom for three days I was really able to ponder on the sacrifices the pioneers made. So many were so sick nad they didn't have a bathroom floor to lie on. I am so grateful for their sacrifices!!! }

Well of the short part of proselyting htis week we had bunch of interesting incidents with some barrachos (drunks) and tourists and our investigators. So we found out why Miguel didn't want to get baptized!!!! It is because his mom said no. because she heard from someone that she would have to pay tithing from her business for him to be a member and she didn't want to pay for him to be baptized. yeah. goes to show how frustrating rumors are! We are going to work really hard this week to calm their doubts! 

We also met an old investigator who has been out of town for months on business but wants to be baptized. He has a super strong testimony and he goes to church on his own without any one even reminding him.. The problem! His "wife" is married to a different man who left her 18 years ago and in order to get divorced they either have to find him or wait for a super long legal process. So that is where we are! The elders didn't really teach his wife much though, and we already started a really good relationship with her! We are goin to have a family home evening with them on friday and we are excited because they are awesome! 

I was having a REALLY hard time this week with my companion that I even considered calling president Wright and telling him that I needed to have changes. This was just my rage working against me and I spent a 3 hours in my room praying for the strength and the ability to turn my hate into love. I never thought that it would be possible, but hte next day as I focused on finding the strengths in my companion I seemed to forget all the things that she had done to upset me. Seriously guys you have no idea how bad it was for a while but I am really glad that I took time to calm myself down before I did anything stupid. ... I feel like I am really growing and learning on my mission. You guys know how short my fuse is and how easily I react to everything. I am praying that when I get home that patience is one of my strengths. We will see how that goes but just to let you know I am working on it! }

I love you guys tons and tons! Hugs and super big kisses!}
Love ya!
Choose the right.... and read the scriptures!and all that stuff that they tell you to do in church!

Hermana Sommerfeld 

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