Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10.21.13 Que no parre la fiesta.... Dont stop the partttaaayy!

Hey guys!!!

So it was absolutely awesome to open up my email today and find all of the fun pictures from you guys!!!!! :D made me super happy!!! I love seeing those kinds of things! Where was Aubrey.. at a zoo? Crazy pic of her holding that snake!! Ha ha..

Anyways yeah things are going pretty well here..well it seems like this week flew by supppppeeer quickly so I feel like I don't have very much to tell you! 

Tuesday: We had a super busy day and we visited lots and lots of people! We had a lesson with Maria, an elderly lady that spoke with the missionaries before. She just got back from her brother's funeral and was a bit upset, but said that her granddaughter was just born the day before. We talked a little about the plan of salvation, and how that is how God works and death is a part of that process. She is bien Catolica, but we are hoping that she will take well to the lessons and be able to distinguish the spirit.. who knows!? ha ha. Yeah also we had a lesson with Yazna, the eternal investigator, and she was a bit sick but she let us in and we talked to her about Alma 5 that she read the week before. She also read chapter 32 and she talked for about 15 minutes of all hte stuff that she learned.-  I can definately see that she is improving spirtually :)

Wednesday: we had a lesson with a less active and her mom and daughter's friend. The friend was really interested in our message and we are going to go back this week and teach english :) We also went to a class for relief society and made cookies! Sister Doll is so wonderful and she helps us so much :) it was fun to listen to her explain how to make snickerdoodles in her Spanglish :) It was great to talk to some of the relief society sisters too :D

Thursday: we had a lesson with Jacqueline, and she made us some lemon pie!!!!!!! it was delicious no lie! She told us that she liked the lessons with the misisonaries before, but it is different with us as sisters, she feels like she can connect with us :) Supér awesome! She told ujs about her life.. that she had a baby when she was 19 and that she never got to go to school. after that, and now she is raising her son's two kids also. She is a super neat lady and I love to go visit her .) Some of her manerisms remind me of Grandma Atkinson, and she has the same eyes.... I always leave the visits thinking of grandma :)

Friday:We had divisions with a sister from Urugay, she is my new leader.. she is super nice and she gave some good tips on being a trainer. We had a family home eveneing with Pedro and Elsa and their family... They are awesome! 

Sunday: We went to Indira's house.. she is a less active, but she is starting to return and her testimony is so strong!" She told us her life story.. that her mom abandonded her when she was almost a year old and she was raised by foster parents. When she was 5 her foster mom tried to adopt her, but her mom showed up and wouldn't sign the papers. She lived with her foster mom and dad until she was 15 and she lived with 14 other brothers and sisters on a farm. She said she learned how to work really hard! When she was 15 her foster mom started having healht problems and coudln't be a foster mom any more so Indira had to go live with another family. This new family didn't give her food or anything! So she started to work on the weekends to pay for shampoo and she got a really good summer job that paid for her to go to school the rest of the year. She ate only because her job was at a restaurant. It amazed me because she did not complain about her situation but told us how grateful she was to have been able to learn the things that she did, and that she is a better mom becuase of it. I felt really humbled to listen to her story and how she overcame all of her hardships. She is an absolutely wonderful person and I want you guys to meet her because i love her! She is excited because she is preparing to enter the temple! I am so excited for her! And she has been such a great missionary for us! She was the one that talked to miguel's mom...

Monday: We went and planted lettuce today as a service project. We were working in a green house for 5 hours this morning... and I am fried!!!! Everyone was making fun of me ha ha! The family that we were helping (Pedro and Elsa's sister) has a zip line and we played on it!!1 so fun!!!! I will have to send the pics°! Also they have parrots!!! WE had a fun time today! :) and now I am writing you!!!! good times. Yeah that is it for this week!!!

Love you guys!
Have an awesome week this week! Hugs and kisses :D
Hermana Sommerfeld

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