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11.18.13 Elder Holland's Visit!!!! BIG WEEK.

Hey everyone!

Well... I just have to say that this was the absolute CRAZIEST WEEK OF MY MISSION! It was crazy good and also crazy bad... so I will share the crazy good news first...

Elder Holland's visit!!!!!
So we woke up at 4 something in the morning to get to the church in Santiago, because all 4 missions in Santiago were invited (that is about 900 something missionaries) and we wanted a good seat... Don't you worry we got one :) ha ha... So Elder Holland came and he was AWESOME! He talked about how this is a historic time in the history of the church and that it can be compared wiht the first vision and with the bringing forth of the book of Mormon.. Can I just say wow!! And then he sooo ooo clearly told us that we can't just sit back and say "cool" I live in a really cool time, but we are EXPECTED to be the best missionaries and the best mebmers that we can be because Heavenly Father allowed us to come to the earth at this time to be even stronger than all the people that lived before us. He explained that Heavenly Father has HUGE expectations of us and that we better work hard to be the best that we can be.. One thing that really struck me is that he said we shouldn't talk about "when I go back to real life......" because "THIS IS REAL LIFE." It was crazy he got so into it and pounded his fist on the pulpit.. He is super intense, but hilarious at the same time! It is the coolest thing to listen to him... Anyway he told us that we are expected to be missionaries our entire lives, and that when we go back home we still have to put in the same effort as we do on our missions.. maybe even more! Also I loved that he talked about Chile with so much love!If you guys didn't know he lived here like 7 or eleven years or something like that and he has a HUGE love for the people and the missionaries here... So he talked wiht even more passion than normal!!!! I can't even explain how awesome his talk was! It definately made me want to change and be a better person. Another thing that he said is that the key to be an amazing missionary is "Kick when you don't feel like Kicking and stroke when you don't feel like stroking..." A classic sports analogy, but it sums up perfectly what it is like in themission. We are worn out physically and emotionally, but the blessings that are waiting for us are far above any of the struggles that we have. Also I loved that he answered the question about hwy missions are so hard he said... "BECAUSE SALVATION NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE EASY." If i could make the letters bigger I would.. because he made this part very clear... That we can't expect our  mission to just be fine and dandy and super easy because that would be contrary toeverything that we believe.. We need to work hard to get stronger.. Salvation isn't easy because God wants us to be the strongest that we can be. Oh man.. I wish that I could write everything that I learned but this hour and a half that I have doesn't even give me enough time to write aobut this awesome experience! I will have to share more over the next few weeks!!!

Okay for the bad crazy part of my week.........
So I told you guys that we got a new sister in our pension like 2 weeks ago, named Hermana Nava from Mexico... Well when she got here we noticed that she wasn't doing very well health wise.. and whenever we asked her about her symptoms she got super defensive and said we shouldn't worry and then tried to change the subject. She at least agreed to go the doctor! But she wasn't the most honest while we were there.. Anyways we noticed that things were getting worse this week and on Friday morning she woke up but didn't get out of bed because her stomach was hurting her. So her and Hermana Tax stayed home while Hermana portillo and I went out and worked. We came home a coup´le of times and brought food and some medicines, but she kept getting worse.. By the time we got home for the day at about 10 o clock.. Hermana Nava was moaaning and in a lot of pain! The other sisters had no idea what to do so they stayed out of the way while I talked with Hermana Nava. I asked her if she wanted a blessing and she said yes... Well we called just about every priesthood member in our phone and finally got a hold of Hermana Barralles who was eating at a restaurant really close to us with the stake president and with the ward leaders.. They came really quick and gave sis Nava a blessing.. But about 20 minutes after they left she was wwwwaaaaayyyyy worse and we made the decision to go to the hospital.... Ohe yeah needless to say.. at this point of time we had been trying for more than an hour to contact the president and his wife and the assistants but nobody answered their phones.. So we decided to call Hna Barralles again for a ride to the hospital and we left with out permission.. A bold move,but we all felt that the situation was serious enough to break the rules.. Anyway we left and finally the mission nurse called us and told us that we had permission.. I said good because we are already half way to the hospital (it is an hour and a half away).. We got there the same time as President Wright, and then we left to go back home with Hna Barrales... She told us that it was a miracle the way it worked out because she is always in bed at that hour and her phone is always on silent... it just happend to be this night that she was right by our house eating with the stake presidency and she had her phone with her.... Also that we happened to have changes 2 weeks ago and that Hna Nava was living with people that were really concerned about her... Saturday morning we got a very sad phone call telling us that her condition is very serious and that she can no longer continue her mission. It was a VERY stressful weekend to say the least! We just are praying that all willbe okay with her, because she told us that her situation at home isn't the greatest and that if she ever went home early she would have to deal with a lot of problems.. I am praying that her family understands and that all is well... Anyway that was I hope the most tragic thing that will happen on my mission!!!!! I don't have time to fill in all the details but I will write you a letter mom and dad talking about it all! 

Well I just want you guys to know that I love you soooooooooo much!!! Thanks for all the love and support you give me here onthe mission! Hugs and kisses!!!!!
Scripture this week
John 14:27 and 16:33

Hermana Hailey Sommerfeld

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