Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11.4.13 Feliz halloween!

Hey everyone!!!!! 

So if we talk numbers... this week was absolutely dead. Seriously it seems like we weren't able to get out of our funk and we had like 5 lessons the whole entire week. No lie. Well this week we found out that my dear companion is allergic to gluten. Sad day. So... we get to start eating less pasta!!!!!!!! ACtually really good for me... I am so sick of eating noodles you have no idea! Anywaysss. we are all doing absolutely fantastic here besides that little problem! I had a great halloween! IT was like any other day in the mission but it was good :) I scared Hermana Tax with a clown mask again and we ate some candy! For me it was really cool because I started to think about the last hallloween and how I was so unhappy and stressed and just not having a good time.. and then this year. I am on a mission. I am happy. It was just a cool little reflection for me to see how the Lord really provides ways for us to grow and progress. I want every halloween after this year to just keep getting better and better! Crazy to think that I will be home with you guys in such a short time... well not home because you are moving... AGAIN!!! Ha ha I look forward to seeing pictures of the new house and hearing how the new neighborhood and ward are :) Maybe by the time I get back you will be living in Hawaii ;) 

This week we had cambios again.. Well I didn't have cambios, but the other sisters in our pension did so now we are living with a new person! She is Sister Nava from Mexico.. I feel like it might take a little time to get used to her... We had such a goodtime as a group with Sisters tax and gonzalez and portillo and me.. But I look forward to the new memories we get to make :) Sorry but I don't really have any cool stories this week... actually one.

Okay so we were on changes with our leaders and I was in our sector with Hermana Webb from Utah.. she actually went to Utah State fun little fact there.. Anyway so we were just finishing up our intercambio and were walking to the bus stop to go to Puente Alto to switch back when Fransisco(the loco that lives in our neighborhood) called us over. I told Hermana Webb to just keep saying "tenemos que irnos..We have to go."  and we went over to talk to him. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me into his yard but I gave resistance and put my fight face on... It wasn't really necessary because he only wanted to show me the bird house that he made. He asked me if I liked it and I said yes. Then he asked if there are alot of bird houses in the U.S andI said yes.. ."Good, because I thought of you the whole time I made this.". Yeah creepy and awkward and all those feelings that I just would rather avoid ha ha. Anyway he kept trying to flirt then he asked us to come in and teach him.. I explained to him that we need to have another sister with us and that we can't teach today because we were going to go to Puente Alto. He got upset and said why not! then hermana webb said "no estamos aqui para pololiar estamos aqui para predicar." this means we aren't here to flirt.. we are here to preach... ha ha his face just fell and he got all sad then he asked me if I was going to live in Chile after my mission. Of course I said no... "why not?" he replied.. "Because I have to go back to my family and my friends and my school in the United STates." Then he asked "CAn I go with you!"... "no."... "Why not?" ... "Because I have a boyfriend." Then he started to fake cry and said "Don't tell me that!!!!!! oh my corazon oh my corazon!" Ha ha I died. Then we said yeah we got to go and he asked for a kiss... of course i said no, but gave hima handshake... and he wouldn't let goo!!!!!!!! OH goodness.. sometimes I have it up to here with the men here. 

Yep.. Not a spritual experience, but it will do! 

Guess what? ELDER HOLLAND IS COMING NEXT WEEK TO TALK TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no big deal. We are just the coolest mission in the world. and he is just an aposlte. Seriously so excited! I cannot wait! It should be really cool! I am excited to hear all the cool things that he has to say and to be spiritually edified and uplifted... I think I am becoming such a nerdy molly mormon.. but I am not ashamed! Ha Ha.. I think I will be wierd when I get home.. I have to start practicing how to speak like a normal person for our skype call at christmas time :)

Keep up the hard work!
I love you guys with allllsss of my heart :)
Hugs and kisses!
Hermana Hailey Sommerfeld

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