Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hey fam! 

I just have to start off by saying that the best day of my week was Tuesday when I recieved a package from you guys in the mail (w- inspiriational quotes and pictures and fun drawings from Aubrey). Thank you sooooo much!!!!! I have them all hanging up on my walll and they helped me a lot this week! Second best day is when I got my halloween package from you guys!!!! I can't even explain how happy I was to see REESES!!!!!!!!! :D and the clothes were supppperr cute. My roommates were all pretty happy too to get some American candy ;) I just want you guys to understand how AWESOME it is to get packages and letters while I am so far away! It makes me feel close to home! Crazy that Kendall is coming home in December! TIME FLIES! especially here in the mission... the weeks feel like they go by super fast.. .and this cambio is almost over! crazy huh!? Well this week was full of some ups and downs as always.... I had a little experience with my companion... It was friday, which means weekly planning and in weekly planning we talk about all of our strengths and weaknesses as companionship and personally. Well long story short my companion got super defensive and I was trying to say things as nicely as possible and she started yelling super fast in spanish at me. when I say yelling I mean yelling... do you know how scary it is when a latina is yelling at you in spanish? Scary. Anyways I hate to admit it but I lost my temper too and started yelling back. Definetely a low of my mission. It ended up that the other sisters in the pension got involved and they told my companion that she was in the wrong and that I was right and she needs to humble herselve a little bit and just listen to the things I was saying. They calmed her down and she left the room and came back a few minutes later and told me sorry that she was in the wrong and that she realizes she was wrong to say the things that she did. She explained that this week was hard because her family hasn't been writing her and she worries and I never once asked her if she was okay.... I was oblivious that she was having problems so I apologized that I didn't talk to her about her family and she promised she would be more humble and she would try not to react badly when she didn't get her way. So that was the first fight I have ever had with a companion... and I never want to have one again!!!!!!!! I am also really grateful that I did not react in my rage and call the mission president, because that is my goal of my mission... to not have problems with companions and if I have problems to not get anyone else involved.... But... everything else in the week went okay besides that! I am really enjoying the sweets... needless to say i gained weight this week so I will need to control myself with all those sweets that you sent me! 

Awesome part of this week is that Guadolupe and her family came to church this sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best thing ever!!!! We have been working with them this whole time and it was sooo cool to see them finally put their faith into action!!! They even stayed all three meetings and it was so great :) We are starting to get along with the members a little bit better and we are working on working with them...

There is a cool article in the Liahona this month.. .I don't think you guys have liahona but it might be in the ensign.. anyway it is by Elder Bednar and it is called "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary." It is a really good article and it explains how we can all become better missionaries with Preach my Gospel! It would be especially good for Bronson and Ashley to read as they are preparing for their missions.. 

Mom I found a conference talk especially for you and your super special body! It is by Elder Rasband and it is called "Special Lessons".. one of the quotes that I found in the talk made me think of you... it says " For reasons usually unknown, some people are born with physical limitaitons. Specific parts of the body may be abnormal. REgulatory systems may be out of balance. And all of our bodies are subject to disease and death. Neverhteless the gift of a phsycial body is priceless.... A perfect biody is not required to achieve a divine destiny. In fact some fo the sweetest spirits are housed in frail frames.. Eventually the time will come when each spirit and body shall be reunited again in perfect form both limb and joint shall be restored to its proper frame." So don't worry Mom if you are losing all your hair and it seems like your arms don't want to work and your hips don't want to walk... because one day you will be perfect ;) ha ha I just thought of you when I read this and how you seem to struggle physically... but there is hope!!!!! ;) You should read this talk there are some really good quotes! 

THANK YOU! for the video of Aubrey's primary performance it made me suppppeeerrrrr happy to watch!!!! It is amazing that out of all of us she got the voice! ha ha! I love to listen to her sing.. it is one of the things I miss so much so it made me really happy to watch it :D Ashley you are adorable as usual in your sadies pictures! I love you guys with alllll offff myyyy heaarrrrtt! Have an absolutely fabolous halloween! >It is crazy to think.. but I will be home for the next halloween!!!! We better start planning! Ha ha thriller would be awesome!!!!!!!! Or you know disney land could be cool too ;) ha ha

Love you guys sooooo much!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses!
Sister Hailey 

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