Tuesday, February 11, 2014

12.2.13 What thinks Christ of me?

Hey guys!

This week went by super super quickly.. just like all of the other weeks!!!!! How was thanksgiving? How is mom with her surgery? Does she feel better? I thought she was going to do that in December? Thanksgiving was just like any other day here... Except for Mauricio took my companion and I to KFC because he felt bad that I wasn't going to be able to eat a good old American Thanksgiving fest. It was really cute :) We were really content... The wierd thing is that KFC here doesn't come with the usual sides like mashed potatoes, colslaw and biscuits.. It only comes with French Fries and Cheese empanadas... really odd combination for me, but it was yummy :) I am officially so sick of drinking sodas! I will be perfectly happy to drink only water. Welll. Nothing else extraordinary happened. We walked a lot. Taught little :( We are excited trhough for Christmas... and it should be fun to contact people with the christmas cards :D That is about it for today! Sorry for the short letter! Oh yeah! So we went to the specialist this week for all my problems.. and he told me that I basically have had a permanent sinus infection because of the allergies that I have here... and i have to take another inhaler, a nose inhaler thingy, and 2 more allergy medicines, and an antibiotic.. Thankfully none of these give the usual drugged up effect and I will be able to work like a normal person!!! So weird though that i only have allergies so bad here!!! It might be because there are so many trees that produce pollen... Now I feel like you dad! ha ha! Okay.. Thats about it.. I went shopping for some summer clothes today so I feel happy :) You guys know how much I love to shop and how it is a destressing activity for me ha ha! I figured it is okay because it is christmas time :) 

Well for spiritual thought;
I read a great talk this week by Elder Niel L. Andersen.. entitled What thinks Christ of Me?

I like the part when he says "Jesus's call 'Come, follow me' is onot only for those prepared to compete in a spiritual olympics. In fact, discipleship is not a competition at all but an invitation to all. Our journey of discipleship is not a dash around a track, nor is it fully comparable to a lengthy marathon. In truth it is a lifelong migration towa4rd a more celestial world."... I was thinking about how often we may compare ourselves to others and our testimonies to others.. but it shouldn0t be that way, because we are all on our own different journeys and there is no way to compare our journeys with those of others.

I also loved the part that says "Miracles are not always so immediate. At times we thoughtfully wonder wh the miracle we have so earnestly prayed for does not happen here and now. But as we trust in the Savior, promised miraccles will occur. whether in this life or the next, all will be made right. The savior declares "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." In the world ye hsall have ttribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world" Itestify that as you love Him, trust5 Him, believe Him, and follow Him, you will feel His love and approval. As you ask "What thinks Christ of me?" you wil know that you are >His disciple, you are His friend. By His grace He will do for you what you cannot do for yourself. "

If you have time you can click on the link and read or listen to the whole talk. It is absolutely wonderful :) I know as we start to think more like this we will forget our problems and we will trry to work hard to become better disciples of Christ.

I love you guys!
Hermana sommerfeld 

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