Tuesday, February 11, 2014

12.23.13 Feliz Navidaddd!! Merry Christmas!!!

Feliz Navidad everyone!

I can just say that I will be spending Christmas a whole lot differently here! It is supppeeerrrr HOT and I am away from you guys.. but to tell you the truth I think it will be one of my most memorable Christmases! There will be no snow, christmas lights, orchestra concerts, ribbons, wrapping paper, Santa, gingerbread cookies, candy canes or fireplaces, or my family...- but I will be surrounded by the people that I love here. I will be able to share the Christmas spirit with the Chilean people, and give the gift of sharing the gospel to Christ this Christmas :) I can't lie and tell you that it won't be difficult but I sure can tell you that I know it will be worth it :) I feel blessed t o be able to be here and to spend a Christmas serving the Lord. Ifeel like the sacrifices are really really really miniscule compared to the blessings that I am recieving! I am so glad that you guys got to go to Savior of the World. I LOVE that play... it really brings the spirit into Christmas and helps us focus on the true meaning. This past week I have really been able to focus on the true meaning of Christmas aswe have shared our message with people here... I love to read Luke 2.. the original story of Christ's birth and then to talk about 2 Nephi 9:21 because the story of Christ's birth would not mean anything if it weren't for his infinite atonement.. if it weren't for the fact that he suffered so that we could have the opportunity to repent and to live with our families and with Heavenly father forever. I am extremely grateful to know this truth and to be able to celebrate Christmas with this in mind. I pray that I can be the kind of missionary that God expects me to be so that I can help bring this beautiful truth to other people. It is difficult in the world today because of all the many distractions, but I know that it is possible and that the Lord has a lot planned for us.
This week was a great week for us! We found a new investigator named Sonia who is really interested! It also turns out to be a very small world! Come to find out... Sonia's son is married to our other investigator, maria's daughter. Also she was lisxtening to missionaries before.. but when they left pirque they didn't leave her information in the area book. Dang Elders! Also.. we happened to have contacted both her son and her husband on two seperate occasions. Can I just say THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCEDENCES! ha ha.. well I sure hope not.. because to me it really seems like Heavenly Father is working hard to get us to teach her! Anyway she is really humble and extremely receptive. She also said that her son is atheist and asked us if that meant he was a bad person. We explained that maybe he just never felt the blessings or thelove of God in his life. She told us that that might be ture because his life has been prettyt difficult. She said that he told her that he wanted to listen to us thought, but after her first lesson with us. Sweet right!?
Also we had yet another memorable lesson with Berta. She told us that we have changed her life and that she is working hard to help her husband accept the gospel. She broke down bawling and asked us to pray for her so that her family will accept her getting baptized. She is a very very very special woman to me and I feel like the opportunity i have had to get to know her alone has been a huge blessing!
I love you guys soooo omuch! I wish you a very very very very MERRY CHRISTMAS! and I pray that you can feel the spirit throughout the whole week! I will miss you, but I am soo excited to tlak to you on Wednesday through skype! :)

Hermana Hailey

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