Tuesday, February 11, 2014

11.11.13 Chile is now Caliente!

Hey everyone!!!!

So crazy that it is already time for me to be writing a letter again!!! I feel like it was Monday yesterday! It is awesome that the weeks go by so quickly but at the same time it is REALLY REALLY REALLY SAD! I find myself loving the mission more and more that I am here.. maybe it is because I am less stressed with the language and teaching and all the things that a new missionary experiences because now i am a veteran! ha ha I have officially 7 months in the mission.. sounds little but it feels like I have been here a lot of time! Well when it seemed like we were at a stop we experienced a MIRACLE this week.

You guys remember Guadolupe and her family? The less actives that just went back to church this last week? Well their daughter who is a member is married to a non member.. his name is Sergio. Well we got a call this week saying that Sergio wants to be baptized and he is ready. WOW. can is just say that. wow.. I nearly died when i finished talking on the phone!!!! It is so cool because he nad his wife were so grumpy to us when we first got here and in just this past two weeks he said that he has experienced a change and that his eyes were opened up to the things that are the most important! yeah. cool stuff. no lie I am ecstatic!!! This means that they can ALL be sealed in the temple next year!!! I am so happy I can't even explain it!!! Awesome week for sure!!!!!!

What else is going o? Oh yeah tomorrow we get to listen to Elder Holland! Awesome stuff! But since we are so far away we have to wake up at like 4 something to get ready and leave!!!! :O .... but it is a blessing for sure!!!! My health is doing pretty good... besides the fact that I have had a cold since I got here (I know that means it isn't a cold but I don't know what it is so that is what i call it.) The doctor wants me to go to an ENT to get my sinuses checked since I have had a sinus infection since i got here too.... Besides that I am doing excellent.. By now I am really used to all this stuff so it really is not a big deal. Umm I also went with all the other sisters in my house to the doctor since I am the only gringa nand the doctor doesn't know Spanish so i translated. It was actually pretty awesome because I was able to translate without problem! For me it is really cool to know that my Spanish has finally clicked into place. I think that that has lightened a giant load from my shoulders! it also made me super excited to be able to look for jobs at home translating at doctors offices or whatever.... Something that I can really use to help other people... Believe me it is awful to go to a doctors office in a foreign country with a foreign language.. it will be nice if I can help people feel a little more comfortable... But enough of that TRUNKY talk! Gotta focus my mind on the here and now! 

The weather here is absolutely beautiful!!! I am getting quite the tan! Yay!!! but still the whitest person walking down the street ha ha! It is really wierd for me that it is almost Christmas.. .there are decorations every where but it doesn't feel the same to me.... we will see how it turns out! 

Well I feel like I am short on time today butI am working hard on getting some hand written letters out! I would love to send them to you guys but I need some addresses... friends I am speaking to you ha ha ha and aunts uncles cousins grandparents etc.,,.

Scripture for this week: alma 29:9... because sharing the gospel is awesome!

Love you guys soooo much!

Hermana Hailey Bailey Sommerfeld

p.s. did you look up the youtube video of choque in Pirque..? crazy stuff!

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