Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10.7.13 VooDoo

Hey everyone!

How was conference? Yeah pretty great right!? I hope that you guys all had the opportunity to watch and enjoy the messages from our church leaders. I realize how much I was missing out all those years sleeping on the couch for every session.... Crazy the messages we can get out of conference if we just listen! It was really cool to be watching it from here in Chile, almost exactly 6 months since I left, and to be a missionary in these times. I get so excited whenever the prophet and apostles mention missionary work :) I hope you guys do too! I loved that they mentioned the members working together with the missionaries. It is a challenge but it really helps the work move along! 

Umm. pretty uninteresting week. Except for we had our  first run in with voodoo stuff. We contacted our neighbor and he is crazy. We had to go right home after talking with him and pray because we had the worst feeling with us. Moral of the story.... actually there is no moral. just a little experience. Don't go getting yourselves involved in that kind of thing!

Sorry for the short email, but I have a headache and i can't concentrate very well today Promise a better one next week.
Love you guys!
Hermana Sommerfeld

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