Tuesday, February 11, 2014

9 months!!! I have my mission baby!!!

Okay so sorry I didnt get this out BEFORE all the crazy drama started happening with my asthma and stuff... but I thought I could share the fun pictures we took the week that I went to the hospital (a few days before).. Okay so here are my 9 months pictures! No I am not actually pregnant.It is just a fun tradition for the sisters... because it is exactly half way through the mission :) so here are some of my fun pics of that.....

Proud companion

Hna Huber

Hna Jennings givin some love to the mission baby

Missionary work is hard labor

another pic of the baby bump

Ley de Castidad... surprise!!

cute hna Jennings and me

my daughter Hna Portillo is going to have a sister! 

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