Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More pictaaassss

Hermana Tax, Me, Hermana Gonzalez, Hermana Portillo

Hermana Tax and I gearing up for the zip line.... pretty sure it is against the rules. oops. Also fun experience here... it took hna tax about an hour up top to finally decide to jump... it wasnt a super high zip line either keep in mind! ha ha... she told us it was to test our patience!

Fake Snake!

So sending gummies in mail to Chile doesnt quite work the way you would think!

Here is the creepy mask I terrified Hna Tax with.. and some yummy halloween treats!!

Okay Please take a look at these two pictures and TRY to tell me they arent some how related..

Real Robin Williams

Chilean Robin Williams! (aka Ricardo Menares)

Just takin photo ops on a beatiful street in Santa Rita!

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